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Business consultancy
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As a business consultant, we guide and show our partners in a very substantive way which product market concepts suit them. From there we give guidance how to implement this in a practical way. Before developing new solutions or partnerships we always prepare a business case. Herewith we’ll work on a proof of concept which proves the proposed initiative has value and priority based on objectives and expected benefits. All our technical and economical solutions are created for a more durable and sustainable environment. We offer solutions for a more pleasant world.


When developing a business case we compare our technology with the conventional construction methods. This will show the benefits of using 3D printing which can differ depending on the application and market. Due to our knowledge and experience, we understand which factors are important in the industry and to our partners. That’s why we don’t develop business cases for a regular construction project, only for outstanding and iconic projects which are hard to realize without 3D concrete printing, when there is a lot of time reducement or when it’s cheaper to use 3D concrete printing.


Before our partner buys a printer we always develop a business case. This means together we’ll discover ways to earn money with 3D concrete printing based on local markets. This could also include developing new technology as a solution to market opportunities. In this case, the business case incorporates developing the new technology, supply chain, and education. Jointly research and development ensures a solid foundation and earning money at the moment the 3D concrete printer arrives at our partner’s facility.

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