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We make no apologies for setting high standards
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We care about safety while building as well as all the years the project is being used.  We train and educate the personnel of our partners after buying a printer. A 3D concrete printer is heavy duty equipment which should be used in a correct and safe way. That’s why you’re only allowed to operate the printer after achieving our certificate. We adapt our training and education to the specific local market in which the printer will be used. Therefrom we work together with local markets and assist municipalities with composing law and regulation regarding standard processes and a safe use of 3D concrete printing. Our printers may only be operated by 3D concrete print operators which have followed our training program and obtained the necessary qualification and certification. Our printers are heavy duty equipment which needs to be operated safely and carefully. Within certification, handled by our experience center, we take care of the quality of work processes as well as the products which could be printed. We focus on certification because we value quality. Quality in all areas of the industry, from operating concrete printers, working with our material as local laws and regulations.


We value quality, that’s why we use the most optimal material for concrete printing. The material has been approved and testing is one of our constant processes. Based on our experience we assist en guide partners in material testing and certification. We were asked to test the material and printed elements to proof the structural principles. We also assist in setting up quality standards – guidelines – regarding operating in the construction industry.


Currently, there is no standard law or regulation for 3D concrete printing as construction methods, where a construction approval can be granted. Although we think it’s very important that this will be created the soonest. Based on our experience in projects and standards as gis euro codes, and R&D, we assist and educate with setting up this type of procedures which can be used as a basis to create certification to prove safety.

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