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Concrete Business: Getting Things Done!

Concrete Business: Getting Things Done!

R&Drone 1

Concrete Business: Getting Things Done!

2017 has been a dynamic year for us. We’ve learned a lot and we’ve made a lot of progress on 3D concrete printing, as individuals, as a team, and as a professional organization. Besides building an amazing laboratory in Dubai we’ve also sold a printer to a company with multiple precast factories and we’ve developed concepts for various applications. Expanding our activities and delivering business cases has proved our credibility as below shown achievements in 2017. As a result of this progress, we’ve moved our office in the beginning of 2017 to a new working place where our offices are situated next to our printing facility and material laboratory.


CyBe Projects: R&Drone

One of our biggest achievements this year was the R&Drone Laboratory project being printed on-site in Dubai. Until February this year, we prepared the print of the R&Drone Laboratory, which we’ve printed in only 21 days, based on euro codes. This proves our material and technology are very feasible in extreme environmental conditions, as for instance temperatures above 40 degrees celsius. The building has become an amazing icon building now it is totally finished.


CyBe Products: First printer sold

Besides the great projects we’ve been working on, we sold our first printer to a Japanese precast factory. They will mainly use the printer to create manholes, elements for bridges and buildings. This will not only let them work faster, cheaper and more sustainable, it’s also a solution to the increasing labor shortage. The problem of finding skilled labor we also see in the Netherlands and the countries around us.

This sale shows conventional construction companies are more and more aware that 3D concrete printing is not only the future and far away, it’s an available and competing technique. Based on the sale of this first printer we have set up a production and assembly line for these mobile printers CyBe RC 3Dp to serve more customers.


CyBe Technology; business case sewer pit

Next, to the projects we build and the hardware we sell, we develop technology concepts. This year we did a number of successful testings printing a sewer pit, together with MJ Oomen a subsidiary of VolkerWessels. This resulted in a business case which can be used together with our printer(s) and material. Benefits of printing a sewer pit on-site are; less drainage time, a reduction on the lead time which results in fewer Dtours. Summarized; this construction method is much faster compared to the conventional way of producing some of the complex sewer pits, which leads to cost reduction.



Based on our experiences regarding our projects, developing business concepts and techniques and selling printers, we provide guidance on 3D concrete printing. We’re showing the impact and possibilities in a very practical way. This month alone, we’ve inspired a lot of construction industry professionals and students by presenting and educating at Rosatom, CCC, Bouwprofs, Bouygues and the seminar in Copenhagen. During these dynamic events, we go in dialogue with the conventional industry and we learn from each other. We believe by sharing our knowledge we can redefine the construction industry, together!


Outlook 2018

The past years we’ve laid a solid foundation on which we enable us to add value by ready-made business concepts, design and engineering software to serve a various range of customers. One of our focus areas is working together with contractors and precast factories to develop more business cases. With our technology and proven business concepts, we enable new business for conventional construction companies. We facilitate so our partnering companies can create!


We’re hiring!

Enthusiast to 3D concrete printing and developing new technology? Do you want to be part of our enthusiast, great and ambitious team? Please check our vacancies and send a mail to Please motivate why you want to redefine construction together with us!

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