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CyBe Construction: Challenger50 2023

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MT/sprout challenger 50 award

CyBe Construction was nominated as one of the 50 most disruptive, impactful, and innovative companies in the Netherlands. The Challenger50 award, an initiative by MT/Sprout, selects Dutch companies that make a positive impact by challenging the status quo. Read more about the award and our nomination on this page!

Challenger50 Award

The Challenger50 is an annual event organized by MT/Sprout in the Netherlands. It features a list of the most innovative and impactful companies in the country. These companies are characterized by their ambition to disrupt their respective markets, make a positive impact on the world, and serve their customers better than traditional businesses. The impact they create can be in the domains of sustainability, social change, or simply by offering superior products, services, or business models. We are grateful for this recognition of our disruptive business model. Our positive impact comes from building faster, more affordably, and more sustainably using our innovative 3D concrete printing technology. The Challenger50 is a very fitting award for CyBe, as we’ve been challenging the status quo in the construction industry for over a decade now. For years, competing construction companies have been telling us that 3D concrete printing has no place in the industry. We proved them wrong.

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Challenger of the Year

Not everyone can be considered for a Challenger50 nomination. MT/Sprout is looking for established entrepreneurs with at least 3 years of business history who meet certain financial criteria as well. These criteria include a minimum revenue of 600,000 euros in 2022 and a workforce of at least 20 full-time employees. From all the companies that registered for this award and meet these criteria, MT/Sprout chooses the 50 most disruptive companies. A jury of experienced entrepreneurs and investors then selects three finalists for the Challenger of the Year Award from this list, who will pitch their business model at the Challengerday later this month. Want to see the full list of Challenger50s 2023? Check out the list here!

Why CyBe Construction

We’d like to tell our story

When creating solutions, CyBe Construction always keeps the future in mind. We solve social and economic problems using less raw material and transportation for a more sustainable planet. With an holistic view, we’re constantly looking for opportunities and build cheaper and quicker.

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