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CyBe Construction Selected in’s Pole Position Program

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We have been selected for the Pole Position Program, an initiative of TechLeapNL for innovative deeptech startups and scaleups. We applied for this program to get ready for our first funding round, in order to effectively commence our fully automated housing factory. Doing so will allow us to offer our cheaper, faster, and more sustainable construction solution to an even broader audience.

Pole Position Program was founded to help quantify and accelerate the tech ecosystem of the Netherlands through various programs and initiatives that improve access to capital, market, and talent. One of their most innovative initiatives is the Pole Position Program, which was implemented to accelerate the growth of ambitious deep-tech entrepreneurs. The program focuses on GreenTech ventures; those companies whose innovation pays close attention to climate, carbon, cleantech, and circularity. CyBe Construction, with its focus on sustainable, cutting-edge technologies, is one of the companies that was selected in this select group of the most impactful environmental deep-tech ventures. Alongside us in the program is a diverse group of other GreenTech startups and scale-ups, offering solutions ranging from renewable chemistry to tidal energy generation. Take a look at our LinkedIn to see all the other companies in this program!


On October 9th, the program commenced with a kick-off session. During this two-day gathering, the ventures had the chance to get to know the other founders through a number of engaging and informative events. The different companies presented their solutions to each other and had the opportunity to listen to a presentation by a seasoned scale-up entrepreneur as well. But this inauguration of the program wasn’t all business; during a more active element of the session, the participants took part in a game of archery tag. It turns out that our CEO, Berry Hendriks, besides his visionary aim for the company, has a good aim with a bow and arrow as well!

Future Plans

Six more sessions are planned for the entrepreneurs. During these gatherings, the ventures will have the opportunity to learn from each other, as well as from representatives of the Pole Position Program who can assist them in scaling up their businesses. CyBe Construction’s goal for the program is to get ready for our first funding round. By preparing ourselves for this seed funding, we’ll be able to leverage our raise most effectively, and expand our business to have an even bigger impact. We have great ambitions for the future, all based on our innovative 3D printing technology. Building on 10 years of experience in the industry, we will be capable of applying Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC). This modular construction method allows us to fully finish housing modules in the production facility, to be installed later at the construction site. Want to learn more about this plan of a fully automated housing factory, as well as our other ambitious plans for the future? Check out our webinar on 3DCP’s past, present, and future!