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Design Study
Imagination is the beginning of creativity
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Curious if your project is suitable for printing? Within a design study, we’ll check the technical and economic feasibility of a construction project or integral construction concept. At first, we’ll check the printability and the constructive justification. Afterward, we advise on construction planning and costs. The design study is usually done as a part of a construction project where we, or one of our partners, take part as the printing party.


To check the printability of the project we in-house developed software – for instance our model checker. We’ve experienced the model checker is a very helpful tool for our partners. To be able to check printability while designing or at the beginning of the process saves a lot of time, money and frustration.


The outcome of the design studies we deliver shows our partner if their project/idea is technically and economically feasible, if it’s printable and if it fits within their budget, in a short timeframe. An implementation plan is also part of the design study. Also within this solution, we focus on a more durable and sustainable environment. We offer solutions for a more pleasant world.

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