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Parametric Design
Make clever simple and simple clever
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Parametric design is a design process based on algorithmic thinking. This means we designed software which does the math. The timeframe needed for designing an object is extremely shortened from a couple of weeks/months to a couple of hours. Based on the numbers filled in the software – which takes only up to 30 minutes – the software will generate all possible options (number?) in a couple of seconds. The ease of generating the models makes it easy to analyze which helps the partner or end-user to make the right choices. This could be either structural principles, to planologic decisions, to the most optimal floor space etc.


We don’t believe in designing 2D or 3D. We believe in generative software for design & engineering, in every stage of the construction process, in which processes will be automated. These kinds of software tools will help you to speed up the design phase while increasing the quality of the design. It reduces the number of human mistakes, which still happen a lot in the construction industry and cost a lot of money. We develop these software tools for the applications as bridges, buildings or elements of buildings, which will deliver models that can be directly used for printing or other construction methods. Based on this also other automated processes can be driven such as CNC machines.


From parametric models, generative software, we can extract endlessly interesting information. This is interesting to our partners as well as their clients – the end-users – for planning, designs etc. After generating the models they will be available via our digital construction platform. Sharing = caring.

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