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PSV Mascot Phoxy visits CyBe Construction

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PSV eindhoven Phoxy

Phoxy’s Visit

Last week, we were visited by PSV, the soon-to-be champion of the Dutch soccer league. In an initiative to teach children more about various industries, PSV is recording a series in which their mascot, Phoxy, visits various companies to show what happens within these organizations. In their latest episode, CyBe Construction was featured, teaching young minds how 3D printers can help construct homes. During the recording of the episode, we printed a wall for PSV with Phoxy’s logo on it. Check out the time-lapse of the wall being printed below!

PSV Eindhoven

Eindhoven-based club PSV competes in the Dutch soccer league and is poised to be the champion of the current season. Affiliated with Brainport Eindhoven, a world-class technology region, PSV is an excellent candidate for educating young minds about technology. With their visit to our hub for providing advanced technology worldwide, we hope they will inspire their young viewers to pursue careers in technology.

psv eindhoven phoxy
psv eindhoven phoxy

Learning by Doing

At CyBe, we always promote learning by doing. Printing the ‘Phoxy Wall’ was a great way to demonstrate how 3DCP works to the hosts of the children’s program and its fans. While the audience of the show may be young, there are numerous opportunities for everyone to learn more about 3DCP. In our CyBe Lybrary, we offer a wealth of knowledge, including various courses on the technique. We even offer a course where you can learn how to operate a 3D concrete printer yourself! Do you want to become an expert in additive manufacturing through one of our many courses? Visit our Lybrary today!

Visit our Lybrary!

Timelapse: Phoxy Wall Print (original print 15 minutes)