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Project Management
We make no apologies for setting high standards
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“People acting together as a group can accomplish things which no individual acting alone could ever hope to bring about.”Based on our experience we’ve standardized a lot of processes which makes things clear and efficiënt. We do everything to deliver a construction project within the given time limit and budget while building in a  safe way with high-quality standards.

Project management 2


When we are asked to take part in a project as a partner to print – elements of – a project we’re often asked to act as designated project leader. In this role, we’re responsible for the organization of the project which also consists of time planning and controlling. Based on the projects we delivered we’ve experienced the main contractor and other partners within a project are mostly unfamiliar with 3D concrete printing which leads to a less smooth construction process due to the differences between 3D concrete printing and conventional construction methods.


When printing in different countries we’ve experienced there is no local construction regulation jet. With our experience and knowledge we advise, inspire and guide partners and local municipalities to (co-)create the regulation and legislation construction approval in a good and safe way. Communication at the right moment with the right people is crucial.

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