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Research & Development
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The development of our technology is a continuous and ongoing process which involves IoT, circular economy, big data, robotics, clean technology, safety, and security. Our research and development is often based on business cases. Within R&Do we focus on technological innovations for a more durable and sustainable environment, which lead to a more pleasant world. The focus areas of our R&D  are material and hardware to deliver even better products. This also contains testing, like testing structural principles we recently tested for our partner ETIB. The outcome of our R&D is being fixed in test reports which our partners use for optimization of their construction processes.



As within all our activities, our research en development is very practical, just do it! That’s why we refer to R&DO instead of R&D. The R&Do mainly take place at our R&Do laboratory, next to our office, where we have all the required facilities. Next to the r&do in our own facility, we also explore these activities with our partners to educate them to implement or test 3D concrete printing and related technology. R&Do is a big part of what we do because we believe in our technique and hardware and want to prove credibility.


The research and development we perform are mostly related to business cases in which we prove technical and economic feasibility with a proof of concept. This can only be created when we know the requirements and whats needed and right. Based on our experiences and a qualified team we own a lot of knowledge which helps us to develop technology which meets the current quality standards for a more durable and sustainable environment which contain solutions for a more pleasant world.

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