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CyBe Selected as Smart Construction Innovator 2023

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CyBe Construction was selected for the Smart Building Smart Construction Award, and can officially call itself a Smart Construction Innovator 2023. Read more about the award and our nomination on this page!

The Smart Building Smart Construction Award

The Smart Building Smart Construction Award is an initiative by the Innovation World Cup, supported by Building Information Modeling (BIM) World Munich. With this award, the Innovation World Cup aims to challenge companies to invent smarter, more innovative construction solutions. They aspire for companies to shape the future of their industry in a more ingenious and sustainable manner. Participants in the award will showcase their solution during BIM World 2023, taking place on November 28th and November 29th in Munich. During this event, the sustainable solutions will first be presented to a jury, consisting of industry experts, investors, and prominent players in the construction sector. They will then select the eight best candidates, who will further demonstrate their solutions live at the Grand Finals at BIM World 2023.

The CyBe RC

Our Solution

CyBe Construction was contacted by the Innovation World Cup because they were interested in the sustainable solution offered by our CyBe RC. Using this best-selling model of our mobile 3D printers, we are able to construct homes in an affordable, quick, and sustainable manner, by leveraging our innovative 3D concrete printing technology. This futureproof solution fits seamlessly with the Innovation World Cup’s goal of advocating smart and sustainable construction, which is why they extended their invitation to participate in the Smart Building Smart Construction Award. After submitting our solution, we were soon nominated as one of the Smart Construction Innovators 2023, as we “left a lasting impression on the judging panel.” (Erkam Burak Cetin, Innovation World Cup Project & Innovation Manager). Though being honored by this convincing nomination for the prestigious award, we will not be able to make it to the live event in Munich later this month. However, we still encourage you to visit the BIM World to see the solutions of other Smart Construction Innovators. If you want to learn more about our Smart Construction solution, check out our page on 3DCP’s sustainability!

Sustainable CyBe

At CyBe, our focus on sustainability is expressed by our pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For example, we strive for continuous improvement in our work processes and materials to reduce climate impact. Our eco-friendly CyBe Mortar currently reduces CO2 emissions by 32% compared to traditional concrete, and our printing process optimizes material usage to minimize waste. We also contribute to sustainable cities and communities by providing affordable housing worldwide. A notable example is our cooperation with SAHIF to address the South African housing crisis. Even life under water is a part of our focus. By printing and placing artificial reefs and Living Seawalls, we promote the ocean’s biodiversity and protect shorelines from erosion. Our academy provides a learning platform where knowledge can be shared, allowing for accessible, high-quality education. These initiatives, along with numerous others, position CyBe Construction as a trailblazer in sustainable innovation, a committed supporter of the SDGs, and a rightly selected Smart Construction Innovator.

Sustainable Development Goals