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D2P engineer


Our D2P-engineer (structural engineering specializations)

Our D2P-engineers are certified architects and/or structural engineers that work in 3Dconcrete printing during the Design and Engineering phases of the Construction process. This includes among others creating integral designs, evaluating the designs on printability, set structural principles, run testings and create prototypes, improve tech and ensure compliance with construction and safety codes.

Within this area 3DCP and parametric design is scaling up, therefore structural design and construction material experience is required to create safe , sustainable and economically viable structures. This position requires a person with a relevant experience in construction material and structural design in developing countries. We run projects globally in Asian countries like India and Japan besides other countries in other parts of the world. 

Our D2P-engineer is responsible for carrying out the duties on behalf of Technology and Projects which includes trans disciplinary tasks and responsibilities on design, research, prototyping, engineering, documentation, estimating and process improvement. The successful candidate will report directly to the COO and collaborate with other D2P-engineers and project managers on Tech and 3Dprint projects. This is an excellent opportunity to work in a friendly work environment with a team that is dedicated and passionate to redefine construction with innovative in-house developed Construction methods! 


  • Use and make specialized software to create models and drawings of products;
  • Research new materials and methods of development;
  • Design coordination with engineering disciplines and collaborative design processes;
  • Construct prototypes and confirm designs with design/purchasing team;
  • Perform physical testing on engineering prototypes;
  • Ensure components and assemblies adhere to applicable industry and business standards;
  • Possess initiative to see all assignments and projects through to completion;
  • Able to work independently and in an international team – respecting cultures;


  • Completed University education in Engineering (preferably a Bachelor in Civil Engineering with a Master in Structural Engineering); -2+ years of relevant general work experience in construction materials and (or) structural design- Experience in performing various strength and durability tests on concrete and mortar.
  • Published at least two research articles in reputed international journals in the field of strength, durability and sustainability of concrete.
  • Published a Master thesis pertaining to the one or more aspects of Structural design standards for concrete used in Europe preferably EC2. 
  •  Good understanding of local and/or international regulations / standards; – Confident working in an international organization; – Impeccable attention to detail; – Ability to plan, schedule, coordinate and problem solve effectively; – good knowledge of Rhinoceros + Grasshopper plugin, Python scripting and Generative design; – Proficiency in modeling using 2D/3D software, such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, 3ds
  • Proficiency in Finite Element Modelling and Analysis of the Structures using Finite Element Package Diana and Scia.
  • Advanced knowledge of at least 2 international languages f.e. English (C1) Spanish (C1) Arabic (C1) Mandarin (C1) Hindi (C1)


You are further: 

  • Willing to live (relocate) within the neighborhood of our HQ in Oss;
  • Willing to travel for our international projects;
  • Young, highly motivated and flexible to work in trans disciplinary environment;
  • Resilient attitude in a highly dynamic environment;
  • Respectful and interested in other cultures;
  • Interested in Construction 4.0; 

For more information please contact us at info@cybe.eu. Please send us your motivation and resume and we will get back to you as soon as possible.