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Minimize costs and maximize affordable housing production.

CyBe Gantry: future-focused 3D concrete printing

The CyBe Gantry is not being sold anymore!

Learn more about its more advanced succesor The CyBe Gantry Robot!

CyBe G

The Gantry is revolutionizing construction. With speed and precision, it is perfect for printing modular, finished apartments in a factory setting and connecting them together on-site.

Discover all of the Gantry’s benefits and become the leader in 3D printed housing.

Learn about the Gantry

High-volume construction

Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) is a way of constructing completed and finished units off-site for on-site installation. 


CyBe’s PPVC system is intelligently developed for 3D concrete printing. The Gantry can continuously print multiple finished units in a series, saving production time and maximizing profits.

Gantry 3D printer


Printing 500 mm / second, the Gantry has the fastest print speed on the market. CyBe’s printer-mortar combination allows for non-stop, wet-on-wet production for optimal strength and adhesion.


The Gantry PPVC building method is the most cost-effective system for constructing multi-unit, multi-story buildings. It cuts traditional construction costs in half. 


CyBe Mortar Gantry has a superior, consistent quality with set-times optimized for the print area. The Gantry’s printer-mortar combination delivers excellent aesthetic results. 


CyBe supplies the full package: hardware, software, materials, service, designs, and 10-day training at any location. CyBe’s partners receive all the necessary tools for success.

Future-proof construction

CyBe’s 3D concrete printing solution addresses the global housing crisis using automation and a new approach to materials. 3D concrete printing allows companies to build faster, more affordably, and in a sustainable way. It brings incredible value to the construction industry.

Partnering for success

CyBe works with its partner companies to ensure their success. More than selling a tool, CyBe helps its customers to develop a business case and trains their teams with the tools. CyBe can even help customers during their first real build.

MEET 3D Villa - CyBe Construction


We’re here to help. Contact us to learn more about how the Gantry can help achieve your company’s goals.