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3D concrete printers

CyBe RT (Robot Track)

Construction capabilities

The CyBe RT (Robot Track) is a 3D printer that moves across a stationary track setup. It can be used by precast factories building prefab homes. It is also great for institutes or companies that want to print in a sequence and test design variables.

The starting length of the track is 5 meters. Track segments can be added incrementally. With the additional reach of the printhead, elements can be printed larger and in fewer pieces.

CyBe Robot Track

Performance benefits

• Ideal for precast and testing design variables
• Efficient production of elements
• Superior print speed and performance
• High-quality print strength and adhesion
• Neat printed aesthetic

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At 500 millimeters per second, CyBe printers have the fastest print speed in the market. When paired with the proper mortar, the mortar set-time is optimal and CyBe printers operate at the most efficient speed possible.


Length x Width x Height: 5 m x 2.5 m 4 m (standard)

The CyBe RT’s track length can be extended in increments of 1 meter by attaching additional 1-meter plates.

Concrete structures are printed beside the 3D printer track.


CyBe Mortar has a superior, consistent quality with set-times optimized for the print area. It allows for non-stop, wet-on-wet production for optimal strength and adhesion and excellent aesthetic results.


CyBe supplies the full package: hardware, software, materials, service, designs, and 10-day training at any location. CyBe’s partners receive all the necessary tools for success.

Prefab construction made easy

The CyBe RT is a great option for companies printing single-standing prefab houses. Moving along the track, the robotic arm can print large elements in one fluid motion, reducing the number of printed elements in a design. Elements can be hoisted after 24 hours and transported to the project site for installation.

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Future-proof construction

CyBe’s 3D concrete printing solution addresses the globalhousing crisis using automation and a new approach to materials. 3D concrete printing allows companies to build faster, more affordably, and in a sustainable way. It brings incredible value to the construction industry.

Partnering for success

CyBe works with its partner companies to ensure their success. More than selling a tool, CyBe helps its customers to develop a business case and trains their teams with the tools. CyBe can even help customers during their first real build.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does 3D Concrete printing work?
    We receive a 3D-model which can be made with one of the many CAD tools. With the help of our own software-tool (CyBe CHYSEL) we are able to convert a digital 3D model into the printing instructions (the .Gcode) needed for the 3Dprinters. The printer is operated by just two persons; one uses a control unit to calibrate the right position. The other operator oversees the mixing part that mixes the CyBe MORTAR which is used as the material for the printer. After the print has started everything goes automatically. During this time we wait till the print is done and give ourselves the opportunity to get a cup of coffee.
  • Is it possible to distribute your products to my country and what are the terms of delivery?
    We distribute our products worldwide. The printers are modular, which means they can be separated in smaller parts for transport easily. Additional costs such as transportation and import taxes will be added to the printer and are the buyer’s responsibility. The terms of delivery also depend on the location to which the product needs to be transported.
  • What are the advantages of 3D concrete printing in comparison to traditional construction methods?
    Traditional construction processes take up a lot of time and labor costs. Due to engineering and preparation time the construction takes a longer time span than 3D Concrete printing. Since we are able to automatize this process the time preparing a print is reduced a lot. The final costs of 3D concrete printer are reduced too. This can be up to -70% depending on the product you want to print. This cost-reduction is the result of factors like low labor costs and material costs. In addition 3Dconcrete printing enables new and other design possibilities. Giving architects more freedom in their design. Still there are many new design and engineering possibilities not yet being discovered and since the technology is being further developed new possibilities will occur.
  • I am interested in purchasing a 3D printer, how do I get in touch?
    We are happy to provide you with the specifications! Please fill in our contact form