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Destination Skatepark

Destination Skatepark is the world’s largest 3D printed skatepark, with various skateable elements 3D printed by our partner QOROX.

Project details

  • Our jobPartner, tools supply
  • TypeCyBe RC (Robot Crawler), off-site
  • Parcel size12m long, 3m high (The Wave)
  • Printing time<5 houts (The Wave)
  • Start of project2024

Based in Tauranga, New Zealand, the Destination Skatepark is the largest 3D printed skatepark in the world. Among the various 3D printed elements, created by our partner QOROX, is also “The Wave”: the world’s largest 3D printed skateable sculpture.

Expensive skateparks

The challenge

Concrete skateparks often require expensive molds that are used only once. Beyond the standard shapes, the council wanted the Destination Skatepark to serve the local community by involving them in co-designing the skateable elements. Due to the need for significant creative flexibility, 3D concrete printing company QOROX was assigned the task. They were responsible for making skateable, 3D printed quarterpipes, ledges, and supports at an affordable price.

3d printed skatepark
3d printing the wave
Creative freedom

The design

The designs for the various elements were co-designed with the local community and further refined by design specialist Rich Landscapes, engineering by Tilsley Engineering, and optimized by the Hamilton-based QOROX. This design flexibility was enabled by QOROX’s 3D printing capabilities, as the creative freedom of 3D printing allowed for the creation of forms and textures that would have been too expensive or even impossible to achieve with traditional construction methods. The largest of these elements is called “The Wave.” This 12-meter-long, 3-meter-high skateable feature, recognized as the largest in the world, consists of seven different elements, all printed in under five hours.

Unlimited 3DCP applications

The takeaways

3D concrete printing proved to be the perfect approach for skateparks. Omitting the need for molds and constructing within a record time made the project significantly more affordable than traditional construction methods. By using their locally developed material, QOROX was also able to sustainably produce the elements with a 30% reduction in emissions. Showcasing yet another innovative application of the technique, 3D concrete printing continues to surprise us with its potential to make the world a better place.

3d printed skatepark
The CyBe RC
Versatile & Efficient

The CyBe RC

The Destination Skatepark was printed with our CyBe RC (Robot Crawler). This mobile 3D printer, leveraging its caterpillar tracks, can transport to virtually any location in any terrain. This way, it can be used for efficient on-site and off-site printing by easily moving your printer around your print site. With its superior print speed and performance, high-quality print strength and adhesion, and exceptional range, the CyBe RC is among the most efficient 3D concrete printers in the world.

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