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CyBe Construction offers transparent insights into our work. Explore our case studies, learn more about each project, and find out what makes our unique process efficient and sustainable.

  • Curaçao

    Robust Villa

    The Robust Villa is the first housing design built from the Lyve by Cybe label. This project used Lyve’s accessible and customizable platform to efficiently produce a home in five weeks and create a business case for the housing shortage crisis in Curaçao.

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    Robust villa
  • France

    La Sphère

    La Sphère is a free-standing guardhouse within a 180-unit social housing district. In addition to providing security to its residents, the construction of the building used one-third less concrete than traditional methods.

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  • Japan

    Sapporo Park Restrooms

    The Sapporo Park Restrooms are functioning toilet prototypes designed and printed in Japan. The intention of the structures is to create simple sanitation solutions for countries that lack such appropriate facilities.

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    Sapporo Park restrooms - CyBe Construction
  • United Arab Emirates

    MEET Villa

    The MEET Villa is a multi-sector collaboration that celebrates culture and innovation. 3D printed and powered by solar energy, the MEET Villa combines modern technologies with Emirati heritage.

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    MEET 3D Villa
  • The Netherlands

    De Vergaderfabriek

    Translating to “The Meeting Factory” in English, De Vergaderfabriek’s iconic and dynamic design is built to inspire team collaboration. Printed in 10 days and with reduced emissions and waste, it is efficiently and sustainably produced.

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    De Vergaderfabriek
  • Saudi Arabia

    3D Studio 2030

    The 3D Studio 2030 is an 80-square-meter house built to inspire and encourage new and efficient building techniques in Saudi Arabia. It illustrates the potential for creating affordable housing with 3D concrete printing.

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    The outside of the 3D Studio 2030 3D printed one-bedroom house
  • Italy

    3D Housing 05

    The 3D Housing 05 is a prototype home that was constructed and exhibited during the Milan 2018 design week. It was created to demonstrate the potential for new sustainable and affordable housing solutions using 3D printing technologies.

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    3D Housing 05
  • United Arab Emirates

    R&Drone Laboratory

    Located in Dubai, the R&Drone Laboratory is the world’s first 3D concrete printed laboratory. The construction houses a research center for drone and 3D printing technologies.

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    The view from outside the R&Drone Laboratory 3D printed concrete project
  • An international reach

    We print around the world

    At CyBe Construction, we believe that collaboration breeds innovation. We’re proud to work with communities and companies from around the globe — and to use those experiences to further cultivate our industry knowledge.


    Places we work leganda - CyBe construction

    Places we work - CyBe Construction