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CyBe Construction offers transparent insights into our work. Explore our case studies, learn more about each project, and find out what makes our unique process efficient and sustainable.

Mumbai, India

G+7 apartment complex

This project combines affordable housing concepts with high-tech construction solutions to help bring big changes to the way Mumbai lives.

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3D render of a G+3 apartment complex created by CyBe Construction
Sapporo, Japan


The Aizawa project was created as a solution to the increasing labor shortage in Japan. We helped Aziawa make their business more efficient by supplying them with their own 3D concrete printer.

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Sapporo Park restrooms - CyBe Construction

R&Drone Laboratory

The R&Drone Laboratory was 3D printed onsite in Dubai using our mobile printer, the CyBe RC 3Dp. The space now serves as a place in which to conduct research on drones and 3D printing technology.

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The view from outside the R&Drone Laboratory 3D printed concrete project
Teuge, The Netherlands

De Vergaderfabriek

De Vergaderfabriek is a 100-square-meter building that’s more than just environmentally friendly — with a design that is almost impossible to build using traditional methods, it’s an architectural highlight of the area, too.

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The view from outside the 3D printed concrete building De Vergaderfabriek
Saudi Arabia

3D Studio 2030

Requested by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Housing, this 80-square-meter one-bedroom house was printed onsite in the Saudi desert to encourage efficient building techniques in the country.

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The outside of the 3D Studio 2030 3D printed one-bedroom house
Sharjah, UAE

MEET House

This 3D printed concrete house in the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park was a collaborative effort between the Sharjah government, the American University of Sharjah, and private parties.

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MEET 3D Villa
An international reach

We print around the world

At CyBe Construction, we believe that collaboration breeds innovation. We’re proud to work with communities and companies from around the globe — and to use those experiences to further cultivate our industry knowledge.


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