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We redefine construction


CyBe Construction would like to give you an excellent insight in what we do on a global scale. That way we give you an impression of how our way of working is more efficient and sustainable.

Mumbai, India

G+7 apartment complex

Our 3D affordable housing concepts redefined construction, spatial interventions and made a change in Mumbai.

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G+3 - CyBe Construction
Sapporo, Japan


A solution to the increasing labor shortage, which is also more efficient and more sustainable by using their own 3D printer.

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Concrete Printing - CyBe Construction

R&Drone Laboratory

Because of the size of the elements of the R&Drone laboratory, we used our mobile printer: the CyBe RC 3Dp. The elements were printed on-site in Dubai.

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Concrete Printing - CyBe Construction
Teuge, The Netherlands

De Vergaderfabriek

By 3DCP, the Vergaderfabriek achieves 40% less Co2 emissions and a waste reduction of 70% in comparison with traditional methods.

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De Vergaderfabriek - CyBe Construction
Saudi Arabia

3D Studio 2030

On request of the Ministry of Housing, we have been elected to design, engineer and build an 80 sqm single bedroom house in the Saudi desert.

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Concrete Printing - CyBe Construction
Sharjah, UAE

MEET House

A project where CyBe Construction was the technology partner to build the 3D house in the SRTI Park. A great collaboration of government, private, and academia.

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3D-printed House Sharjah - CyBe Construction

All over the world

Places we work

We believe through increasing technological possibilities and interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative solutions are being developed and applied. By enabling those methods the current construction sector will be changed revolutionary.


Places we work leganda - CyBe construction

Places we work - CyBe Construction