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Our History

CyBe Construction's History

CyBe Construction Founded & First Print

The idea of introducing 3D concrete printing to the construction industry was based on a video Berry Hendriks saw in 2012. Building on years of experience gained while working with his family’s construction company and a fascination with building and innovation, Hendriks began his planning. On November 1st of the year 2013, CyBe Construction was founded in the legacy of his family’s 100 year old construction company. In the same month, CyBe successfully finished their first print using a home-welded machine.  

CyBe Mortar Developed & First Team Member

Hendriks wasted no time and continued developing hardware, software, and materials for 3D concrete printing. CyBe had successfully created the first version of CyBe Mortar, and made significant improvements to their 3DCP technology. The company also welcomed their first team member: Steven Thuis  

First Customers and Print Jobs

Our efforts of advancing 3D concrete printing technology paid of! In 2015, we received our first customers and did our first print jobs. The first projects we printed were mainly street furniture like benches and planters. After these initial print jobs, we started gained customer validation, allowing us to get even more customers.

The CyBe RC

After years of development, our first mobile 3D printer was finally there: The CyBe RC! With this new Robot Crawler came new capabilities. Instead of printing street furniture, we could make the switch to buildings. This gathered some interest, and we acquired our first project with the CyBe RC in Dubai: the R&Drone Laboratory, which we engineered this year. This Guinness World Record award-winning design would later become the world’s first 3D concrete printed laboratory.

First RC Sale

Using the CyBe RC, in just 3 weeks we printed the R&Drone Lab project we acquired last year from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. But finishing this first building with unmatched speed wasn’t our only accomplishment regarding the CyBe RC in 2017. We also sold our first mobile 3D printer to Aizawa in Japan! This purchase sparked ideas for new construction and business opportunities in Japan. With fewer workers needed for 3D printing, it posed a solution to the labor shortage problem in the country. Aizawa would later grow to one of our most signifcant partners.

CyBe Academy

After gaining loads of experience with 3D concrete printing over the year, it was time to share this knowledge with the world. We started the CyBe Academy with exactly that goal in mind: Teaching everyone about 3DCP. We also shared our knowledge with Aizawa this year by training them to use their new CyBe RC as efficiently as possible. Additionally, we constructed two interesting projects: The 3D Housing 05 in Milan, Italy, and The 3D Studio 2030 in the Saudi Arabian desert. Finally, we acquired our first full-sized building print job in the Netherlands, which would be engineered this year.

LyVe Design Label

LyVe by CyBe was founded to enable living in affordable and sustainable homes for everyone in the world. Our team of in-house architects has developed various easy-to-build designs under the LyVe label that make for quick, cost-effective, and high-quality builds. In 2019, we also completed the construction of De Vergaderfabriek, our first project as a general contractor. Additionally, we started selling more and more printers.

CyBe Lybrary

We started our CyBe Lybrary: a platform where we and our partners could share designs, so that we could print each other’s models. We also added a Knowledge Base to our Lybrary, in which videos and documents on various topics, like hardware, software, and material guides, are shared. Our print sales were also increasing, and on top of that, we started gaining a lot more jobs as a general (sub-)contractor.

CyBe Gantry

After successfully producing and selling the CyBe R-line for years, it was time for a new type of printer: the CyBe Gantry. This large-scale, portal-based printer was capable of larger prints than we had ever done before. With this new printer came new capabilities. Shortly after developing the CyBe G, we introduced Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC): a method for completely finishing modular housing units off-site for later installation on-site.

CyBe Construction Florida LLC

We already had a worldwide network, but in 2022, we also started preparing for our first international office. The first steps were taken for our American home base: CyBe Construction Florida LLC. After further developing our patented PPVC, we also sold our first CyBe Gantry to a partner in Japan.

10 Years of CyBe!

In November 2023, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary! Building on these ten years of experience, we initiated big plans this year. By leveraging our CyBe Gantry Robot and PPVC, we’re taking the first steps towards launching a fully automated housing factory. This big advancement, however, has a tiny start: the first factory-built home will be the LyVe Tiny House. This first model was designed and tested in 2023, to be printed in the following year.