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3D Housing 05

Concept-driven design challenge

Project details

  • Our jobConstruction
  • TypeCyBe RC (Robot Crawler), on-site
  • Parcel size100 sqm
  • Printing time46 hours
  • Start of projectApril 2018

The 3D Housing 05 is a prototype home that was constructed and exhibited during the Milan 2018 design week. It was created to demonstrate the potential for new sustainable and affordable housing solutions using 3D printing technologies.

Setting design efficiency goals

The challenge

CyBe Construction supplied the tools and materials to help clients Arup and CLS Architetti construct their vision of sustainability and design efficiency, conceptualized in the 3D Housing 05. The team set goals to construct a four-room home using only the exact amount of required material. They also aimed to reduce man hours and waste during construction. Equally important, they sought to ensure that the design of the 3D printed house was attractive for living, utilizing the raw aesthetic of the printing process.

3D Housing 05
3D Housing 05
Sustainable, attractive, and affordable

The design

3D Housing 05 was named for its five themes: creativity, sustainability, flexibility, affordability, and rapidity. The layout of the house includes the essentials: a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and roof garden. After printing the elements and installing the utilities, finishing touches were completed by hand. It was exhibited during the Milan design week to demonstrate how sustainable, attractive, and affordable architectural approaches can be realized with 3D concrete printing.

A proof of concept and a job well done

The takeaways

The 3D Housing 05 2018 design prototype was the first house to be 3D printed on site in Europe. It showed that 3D printing technology can efficiently produce low-cost housing. At the time of the construction, the cost of building this design were half that of traditional construction due to the efficient use of materials and man hours. After its temporary display during the Milan design week, the structure was dismantled and reassembled on the outskirts of the city.

Architecture 3D Housing 05
3d Housing 05
3d Housing 05
3d Housing 05
3d Housing 05
3D Housing 05
Why CyBe Construction

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When creating solutions, CyBe Construction always keeps the future in mind. We solve social and economic problems using less raw material and transportation for a more sustainable planet. With an holistic view, we’re constantly looking for opportunities and build cheaper and quicker.

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