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3D concrete printers

CyBe RC (Robot Crawler)

Construction capabilities

The CyBe RC (Robot Crawler) is a mobile 3D printer that can transport to any location and maneuver over any terrain. It offers the most efficient solution for on-site printing. It can also be used in a factory setting for precast printing.

As an add-on feature, the CyBe RC’s hydraulic feet stabilize the machine and extend the range of the printer. The rotating nozzle option allows the printer to create complex shapes and textures, a unique feature of 3D concrete printing.

A 3D concrete printing technician oversees a CyBe Construction 3D concrete printing project
3D printing

Performance benefits

• Ideal for on-site single-standing construction
• Mobile and maneuverable over all terrain
• Efficient single-unit production
• Superior print speed and performance
• High-quality print strength and adhesion
• Neat printed aesthetic

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At 500 millimeters per second, CyBe printers have the fastest print speed in the market. When paired with the proper mortar, the mortar set-time is optimal and CyBe printers operate at the most efficient speed possible.


Circumference x Height:
5 m x 3.2 m (standard)

With extendable hydraulic feet
5 m x 4.5 m

The CyBe RC’s print area is donut-shaped. Concrete structures are printed around the 3D printer.


CyBe Mortar has a superior, consistent quality with set-times optimized for the print area. It allows for non-stop, wet-on-wet production for optimal strength and adhesion and excellent aesthetic results.


CyBe supplies the full package: hardware, software, materials, service, designs, and 10-day training at any location. CyBe’s partners receive all the necessary tools for success.

Strategic non-stop printing

A print strategy ensures that projects are completed as efficiently as possible. When printing on-site with the CyBe RC or off-site with the CyBe G, the construction timeline from setup to finished building is five weeks. The printing is executed in week two, preceded and followed by preparation and finishing steps. Multiple units or buildings within a larger project are built continuously with a one-week gap.

Plastered walls

Future-proof construction

CyBe’s 3D concrete printing solution addresses the globalhousing crisis using automation and a new approach to materials. 3D concrete printing allows companies to build faster, more affordably, and in a sustainable way. It brings incredible value to the construction industry.

Timelapse of the CyBe RC in action

Partnering for success

CyBe works with its partner companies to ensure their success. More than selling a tool, CyBe helps its customers to develop a business case and trains their teams with the tools. CyBe can even help customers during their first real build.

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