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We'd like to tell you about our 'why'

Our story

We are the next generation. What started as an ambition to simplify the complex conventional processes in the construction industry has grown to an independent company. Read our story here!

CyBe throughout the years

Our history

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Our story started as an idea inspired by a video in 2012. Using years of experience gained while working with his family’s construction company mixed with a fascination of building and innovation, founder and CEO Berry Hendriks began planning — and, in November of 2013, CyBe Construction was born.


By 2014, CyBe had successfully created printable concrete, now known as CyBe MORTAR. They also began prototyping different printing systems. This software — Artysan and Chysel— is now used in all CyBe projects. In 2015, CyBe began 3D printing various concrete elements, including chairs and curved shapes both big and small. 


CyBe hired its first full-time design-to-part engineers in 2016, allowing the company to continue to think bigger — and acquire and begin the R&Drone Laboratory project in Dubai. This year also saw the development of CyBe’s first mobile 3D concrete printer.


2017 led to the completion of CyBe’s mobile printer and fully functional slicing software. CyBe continued to work on the R&Drone Laboratory project, as well as other projects such as city benches for municipalities. CyBe also developed parametric software for internal use.


In 2018, CyBe started creating the first 3D Concrete Printing Operator Training Center — the beginning of their educational efforts. This year saw more new employees, which included robotic and structural engineers, an architect, and urban planners. This year, CyBe 3D printed bridges and took part in several interesting projects around the globe, as well as sold and delivered their first printer. 


2019 led to even more innovation, with major improvements to both the hardware and software on CyBe printers, as well as the setup and implementation of the CyBe Lybrary and Academy platform.

Parametric design
Our Story CyBe Construction
With our in-house developed technology

We received awards

Throughout its history, CyBe has received various local and international awards, including: 

  • FD Gazellen 2023
  • Top 250 Scaleups 2023
  • MT/Sprout Challenger50 2023
  • MKB innovation, top 100
  • BRAINS award, top 20
  • Climate KIC Venture Competition, top 5
  • De PITCH in Oss
  • Philips Innovation Awards, top 10
  • Promising Entrepreneur of the Year, 2018
  • Built world innovation, top 25
  • Building Holland, innovation top 10
  • PROVADA, innovation top 10
  • BestStartup.eu, top 101 best Netherlands based Construction companies
By enabling 3D concrete printing

We develop technology and create solutions

CyBe Construction develops technology and creates solutions to enable 3D concrete printing accessible to all clients throughout the industry: solutions to simplify the complex processes and to work together more efficiently. CyBe Construction realizes nobody can – or should – redefine construction on their own. In construction, ‘we’ work together.

Our Story CyBe Construction
For a more sustainable planet

We solve social and economic problems

When creating solutions CyBe Construction always keeps the future in mind. We solve social and economic problems using less raw material and transportation for a more sustainable planet. We’re constantly looking for opportunities to build cheaper and quicker. We automate heavy labor to cover the increasing shortage of co-workers around the world. At CyBe Construction we work hard with an holistic and above all; a lot of creativity and fun. Our slogan says it all: Have fun, Be amazing, Stay happy and Live long!