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3D Printed Houses in Florida

3D concrete printing solutions for your house in Florida

Project details

  • Our jobPartner, design
  • TypeCyBe RC (Robot Crawler), on-site
  • Parcel size112 sqm area
  • Printing time12 days
  • Start of projectMarch 2023

CyBe Construction offers 3D concrete printing solutions globally. On this page, we will focus on what benefits we have to offer for 3dcp housing in Florida specifically.

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3D Printed Houses in Florida

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is used as a technique to create living spaces all over the world. CyBe Construction has been using this solution for 10 years now, and lately, it has arrived in America too, with Florida being one of the first states in the US to embrace the 3D printing of houses. The technology is gaining popularity in the Sunshine State due to its ability to provide affordable, sustainable, and quickly-built homes. Florida’s first example of a 3D printed house became a reality in October 2022, in Tallahassee. The house was produced by partnering companies Precision Building & Renovating and Gulf Coast Additive Manufacturing. Our partner Jarett Gross, a field journalist who has gathered a large YouTube following by explaining and showing the latest developments in the 3D printing industry, created a video on the house when production was in its final stages. Three months later, we also entered Florida’s market with our new CyBe Construction Florida LLC. This new office has been a great success, as we are currently printing our first 3D concrete villa in Florida right now!

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CyBe Robot Crawler operating in Florida

3D printed house Florida

A home printed with a CyBe printer

3D printed house Florida

3D Printed Houses, Manufactured in Florida

Our office in Florida has allowed us to expand our business expenditures further into Florida and the US in general. Using our CyBe RC (Robot Crawler), we have been a prominent player in the on-site 3D concrete printing industry for numerous years now and plan on continuing to do so all around the world. Now that we can offer our services from our Florida LLC, the CyBe RC offers the possibility of distributing structures and buildings manufactured in Florida even more effectively in the US. This also means there are now 3D printed houses for sale in Florida, brought to you by CyBe. In addition to our CyBe RC, we also plan on bringing our new printer, called the CyBe Gantry Robot, to Florida in the future. This new printer is perfect for Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC). When we place this printer in Florida, we can manufacture modular, finished apartments in a factory setting, and bring the project together on-site afterward.

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Can I Get a 3D Printed House in Florida?

You might ask yourself: Can I get a 3D printed house in Florida? The simple answer to this question is: yes, you can get a 3D printed house in Florida. In the past, we have already offered the printing of projects all over the world. Thanks to our Florida LLC, we can now print projects in Florida cheaper, faster, and easier than we already could. Hence, our services in regard to printing your own house in Florida have become even more accessible. We also have 3D concrete printings for sale in Florida. To request a quote or gather more information about printing your own house, visit our contact page. More information on 3D concrete printing in North-America, including a comprehensive guide of steps you need to take when printing your own home, can be found in our ‘3DCP in the US’ form.

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Render of a house being printed in Florida

3D printed house Florida

Some of our recent prints

3D printed house Florida

The Benefits of a 3D Printed House

One of the most significant advantages of a 3D printed house is that it is cheaper to construct than traditional houses. Since 3D printing technology eliminates the need for human labor and building materials, it can reduce costs by up to 50%. As a result, 3D printed houses are a much more affordable alternative to those made with the use of traditional construction.

Another significant benefit of a 3D printed house is that it is more energy-efficient than traditional houses. 3D printing technology allows for the use of advanced materials that offer better insulation, which helps to regulate temperature and reduce energy consumption. This not only lowers utility bills, but also reduces the carbon footprint of the building, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

Furthermore, 3D printing technology allows for greater customization and flexibility in the design of houses. The software allows for unique and intricate designs, which are impossible to realize with traditional construction methods. This makes 3D printed houses an attractive option for those looking for modern and innovative living spaces.

Finally, it is important to consider the unique geographical position of Florida, which renders it particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. With its exposure to hurricanes and the risk of earthquakes, the state faces constant challenges when it comes to ensuring the safety and resilience of its housing infrastructure. 3D concrete printing, however, can offer a solution to this problem. Learn how 3DCP can help you by visiting our pages on hurricane-proof houses with 3D concrete printing and earthquake-proof houses with 3D concrete printing.

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The Cost of a 3D Printed House in Florida

As we have just seen, using 3D printing to construct your house in Florida can significantly cut costs. Not only is the production cheaper, but also the energy-efficient material allows for lower utility costs. A more in-depth analysis of how 3D printing saves costs compared to traditional construction can be found on our website

But knowing that it is cheaper might not be enough. We would like to tell you exactly what amount of money you can save by choosing this innovative building technique. The cost of 3D printing a house, however, is not fixed and varies based on a number of factors, such as size, location, and customization options. To give you an indication of what your project would cost, you can use cost indication of the Robust Villa, which comes down to a total cost of $23,000. Note that prices for the material are highly variable and could be significantly cheaper if produced locally. So what does a 3D printed house in Florida cost? For the cost of 3D printed houses in Florida, we would like to refer you to our mailing series on 3DCP in the US. In the final mailing of this series, we will get into the direct and indirect costs associated with 3D concrete printing in the US, and the amount of money you can save by choosing this technique. You can subscribe for this mailing series by downloading our ‘3DCP in the US’ form. For full specifications of the cost indication of the aforementioned Robust Villa, please consult the download link below. 

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Robust Villa

3D printed house Florida

Kind Designs’ Living Seawall

3D printed Seawall Florida

Partnerships in Florida

We currently have a really interesting partner in Florida, doing some exciting things with our printer. Kind Designs, based in Miami, uses a CyBe RC to print Living Seawalls! These underwater structures improve the local ocean’s biodiversity while protecting the shores from sea-level rise and floods. They also monitor water quality, communicating live data about parameters like pH level and salinity. Check out our case on these Living Seawalls by Kind Designs to learn what they do and to see a timelapse of a seawall being printed!

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The Benefits of CyBe

CyBe Construction is a Dutch company that has partnered with developers worldwide to provide 3D printed structures and buildings of all kinds. Also, in the US and Florida specifically, we have worked on numerous projects. Our 3D printing technology is known for its speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Additionally, our technology can be used to print houses in almost any shape and size, making it highly customizable. CyBe’s 3D printed houses are not only affordable but also energy-efficient, making them an excellent option for those looking for sustainable housing. We also make sure to assist our partners and clients in every step of the process to ensure everything goes smoothly. An example of this is the way we create a personalized quote and plan of conduct for all our clients. We do this so that every possibility will be considered to optimize the final decision. Such a quote can be requested by contacting our sales team using the button at the bottom of this page. If you’re looking for more information on 3D concrete printing in the United States, or the steps you need to complete in order to print your own home, download our dedicated ‘3DCP in the US’ form.

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  • Are 3D printed houses cheaper?
    Though the price of a 3D printed house can vary significantly based on various factors, the short answer to this question is: Yes, 3D printed houses are cheaper. Using 3D printing technology as your building method can save costs in different domains, like labor hours, material usage, indirect costs, and certain steps from the traditional construction process that are omitted. 3D printed houses are, however, generally only cheaper when they are designed as a 3D printed house from the beginning. This way, you can make sure you enjoy optimal material usage and timelines.
  • Are 3D printed houses safe?
    Yes, 3D printed houses are safe. Generally, they are safer than traditionally constructed homes. 3D printed houses meet and exceed virtually all building codes, and offer protection against natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. They also offer improved fire-resistance. 3D printed houses offer the safety you and your family deserve.
  • How strong are 3D printed houses?
    3D printed houses are exceptionally strong. Our 3D printed homes use our single-purpose CyBe Mortar, which is specifically developed for 3D concrete printing. This material is durable and offers outstanding structural strength. 3D printed houses printed with CyBe Mortar can even withstand earthquakes and hurricanes.

Partnering for success

CyBe works with its partner companies to ensure their success. More than selling a tool, CyBe helps its customers to develop a business case and trains their teams with the tools. CyBe can even help customers during their first real build.

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