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Learn the principles of operating a 3D concrete printer

This basic online course will expand your knowledge of 3D concrete printing. You will learn the necessary theory required to successfully operate the CyBe RC (Robot Crawler systems) and execute any print job.

  • Course typeOnline
  • Duration10 hours
  • Price€345
  • Skill levelBasic
  • Course LanguageEnglish
  • DeviceMobile or Laptop
  • CertificateOpen Badge
  • Time Commitment10 hours
Become a 3D concrete printer operator

What you will learn

This course provides a theoretical overview of the CyBe RC (Robot Crawle) 3D concrete printer system. You will learn how to operate the system safely, and you will gain knowledge about its parts and elements, including the controllers, robotic system, print base and crawler, and mixing pump system. We will discuss print logistics, the role of the operator, and the software related to the 3D concrete printer. This course is a required component of our 3D concrete printer operator training and is preparation for practical training. By following this online course, you will be able to focus on the practical application of 3D concrete printing training. Use of the 3D concrete printer Robot Crawler system requires successful completion of this online course plus that of the associated practical training.

Who this course is for

This course is for anyone interested in 3D concrete printing and the operation of 3D concrete printing systems. It is an ideal starting point for learning the theoretical principles of operating the CyBe 3D concrete printer Robot Crawler system. Train at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want.

Course fee

The fee for this course is €345.

After successfully passing this course, it is possible to follow the in-person course, “Become a 3D concrete printer operator,” in Oss, the Netherlands. The 1.5-day in-person practical training of this course can then be skipped and a €345 credit will be issued towards the enrollment of this course.

This course is accessible for 365 days after purchase on our CyBe Academy website.


The total training is approximately 10 hours consisting of 8 lessons:

  • Introduction
  • Controller
  • Robotic system
  • Print base and crawler
  • Mix Pump System
  • Operator roles
  • Print logistics
  • Software

After these lessons, an online assessment will test your knowledge.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate and an open badge from CyBe Construction. Course completion is based on the results of the online test. This certificate is highly valued in the industry. See the online badge here.

  • Starting date: Available now
  • Pricing: €345 per person
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