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Modular Tiny Houses

Our modular tiny house offers a sustainable solution to the growing demand for affordable housing. The 42m² homes are fully finished in a factory setting. But how is it possible for us to offer such affordable tiny houses without compromising on sustainability? On this page, you’ll learn everything about our sustainable and affordable tiny homes.

Tiny House Design

The tiny house is designed to make the most efficient use of available space. With a square footage of 42m², there’s ample space for every desired area. On the ground floor, you’ll find room for the living space, the kitchen, and the bathroom. The fusebox is also located on the ground floor. Taking the stairs to the upper floor leads to the surprisingly spacious bedroom. In addition to space for your bed, there’s plenty of room for storage and potentially a workspace. Concealed on the first floor are also the installations for the heating and cooling and solar panels, there to ensure your modular tiny house being fully energy-neutral.


Beyond an affordable price, our modular tiny house also boasts excellent sustainability. Our Building & Society team calculated optimal measurements and appliances, for a minimal environmental impact. Through effective insulation, smart heating, and solar panels for energy, you’re able to live completely energy-neutral. The smart heating works via a PTAC system: heating and cooling integrated into one appliance that works similar to a heat pump, but doesn’t require a unit that takes up space. This not only benefits the environment but also saves you a considerable amount on your utilities by bringing your electricity bill to zero. In addition to living sustainably in the tiny , the homes are also constructed using eco-friendly building methods, through modular construction in a factory setting. This form of modular prefab construction ensures the most efficient building process, saving both material and time. Furthermore, our construction method, 3D concrete printing, significantly contributes to the sustainable production of tiny homes

Modular tiny house
Modular tiny house

Offsite Construction

Offsite construction means that building components are not made on-site but in a production facility. After factory production, the various building blocks are installed on-site. This construction method has numerous advantages, including repeatable building processes in a controlled environment, leading to time and cost savings. An automated construction process in a consistent environment also ensures better product quality, improved working conditions, and independence from weather conditions. Moreover, offsite construction is a sustainable alternative to the conventional way of building on the jobsite, particularly due to the automation of the building process. Apart from the modularity of fabricating different building blocks that are later connected, our tiny houses are also circular. Leveraging a circular construction method allows building blocks to be reconfigured and reused after their initial use, making it easy to expand or limit living space. With a life cycle assessment of 70 to 80 years, the circularity of the building blocks holds great benefits with regards to sustainability and cost.


Our modular tiny houses are constructed using 3D concrete printing. With our CyBe GR, the material for the homes is automatically placed layer by layer. This construction method complements the automated, offsite building process. 3D concrete printing comes with the benefits of reduced costs, increased durability, and shorter timelines. The method offers the possibility to almost entirely automate the construction process, resulting in savings on labor, material, and time. This way, 3D concrete printing ensures faster, more cost-effective, and more sustainable production.

modular tiny house
Modular tiny house

CyBe Construction Center

The prefabricated, modular construction of our tiny houses finds its home in our CyBe Construction Centers (CCCs). After initiating a prototype of the almost fully automated production facility in the Netherlands, we’re currently deploying CCCs all around the world. Opening housing plants globally is a significant step in our journey to a world where sustainable and affordable housing is available for all. New locations for our CyBe Construction Centers are chosen based on demand, so make sure to show your support if you’re interested in an affordable modular tiny house produced at one of our production facilities. Do you want the next CCC to be deployed at your location? Fill out our contact form for ‘I want CyBe to print my project,’ and your country or state might be the next location for our CyBe Construction Center!

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Why CyBe Construction?

At CyBe Construction, we have over 10 years of experience in 3D concrete printing. We’ve developed our own materials, hardware, and software, optimizing them over the years to achieve the most efficient construction process. We have dozens of partners worldwide using our 3D concrete printers in the global CyBe Community. Our partners and ourselves have executed thousands of prints and know exactly how 3D concrete printing can be used to optimize construction. By combining this knowledge with the capabilities of offsite construction, we’re able to produce the most efficient homes in terms of time, cost, and sustainability. Our tiny house is the perfect example of this: a sustainably produced home, ready within a week, at an affordable price!

modular tiny house

Your Own Modular Home

Do you want to live in a sustainable home at an affordable price? We’ve got great news: more home options are coming soon! Tiny houses are just the start – soon apartments and full villas are following. Don’t hesitate any longer and choose a home from our CyBe Construction Center. Get in touch with us today and get your own affordable, sustainable home produced at a CyBe Construction Center!

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