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CyBe Construction Center

Discover our new CyBe Construction Centers (CCCs): automated housing factories where we leverage additive manufacturing for modular, circular, net-zero construction. By combining Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) with our 3D concrete printing technology, we’re able to construct housing modules with unprecedented speed, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Learn more about the CyBe Construction Centers here!

CyBe Construction Center

The first prototype of our CyBe Construction Center (CCC) finds its home in our production facility in the Netherlands. At this housing plant, we leverage our decade of experience in developing 3D concrete printing hardware, software, and material to set up an almost fully automated process for creating housing modules. The housing units are fully finished in a factory setting, to later be installed on-site. This way of construction offers benefits to pressing your production’s timelines, costs, and carbon footprint, allowing us to build high-quality, yet budget-friendly homes. And this initial facility in the Netherlands is only the first step in reaching CyBe Construction’s mission of a world where affordable and sustainable housing is available for all. After initiating this initial CyBe Construction Center, plants are being deployed all around the world, allowing us to offer affordable and sustainable homes to everyone globally. Would you like to be the first to know when a CyBe Construction Center is set up near your location? Fill out our contact form for ‘I want CyBe to print my project’ and seize the earliest opportunity to get your own affordable, 3D printed home!

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The Pinnacle of Construction

Our CyBe Construction Centers pave the way for modular, circular, net-zero construction. We achieve this significant innovation in the area of affordable, sustainable construction by combining our decade of experience in developing 3D concrete printing technology with the groundbreaking construction technique known as Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC). PPVC is a modular construction method in which housing units are created and fully finished in a factory setting. The modular elements are then efficiently installed on-site at a later moment. By integrating PPVC with our 3D printing technology, which, in its ten years of development, has been fine-tuned for sustainability and optimized for cost-efficiency, we can achieve construction with unprecedented speed, affordability, and sustainability. The combination of these two innovative construction concepts in our CyBe Construction Centers enables modular, circular, and net-zero construction of buildings of variable sizes. Whether it’s a tiny house or a multi-unit, multi-story building, homes created in our CyBe Construction Center guarantee unmatched affordability and sustainability.

CyBe Construction Center
The LyVe Tiny House, produced in our CyBe Construction Centers
CyBe Construction Center
The CyBe GR: Perfect for PPVC

Modular, Circular, Net-Zero

The concept of modularity is gaining popularity every day. Modular construction, involving the assembly of building elements off-site, allows for construction in a controlled environment. Having control over construction conditions enables more efficient resource use, cost and time savings, and a more consistent quality. Circular construction refers to reusing, recycling, or repurposing materials from a structure to promote sustainability. Through leveraging the advantages of PPVC and additive manufacturing, homes created in our CyBe Construction Centers are both modular and circular. The modules that make up your home can be added to increase your living space or even removed if you wish to downsize. Removed units can be refurbished and reused to promote circularity. By combining our already sustainable 3D concrete printing technology with the future-proof PPVC technique and the eco-friendly circularity concept, we’re able to achieve carbon-neutral construction. This way, our CyBe Construction Centers offer future-proof, sustainable, and affordable construction that is modular, circular, and fully net-zero!

CyBe Construction Centers Near You

Our goal is to provide affordable and sustainable housing for everyone. By deploying CyBe Construction Centers all around the world, we can offer cost-effective living solutions near you. New locations are chosen based on demand, so make sure to show your support if you’re interested in an affordable home produced at our CyBe Construction Center. Do you want the next CCC to be deployed at your location? Fill out our contact form for ‘I want CyBe to print my project,’ and your country or state might be the next location for our CyBe Construction Center!

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