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General contractor

CyBe Construction can serve as a general contractor, which makes us responsible for day-to-day oversight over the entire construction site. This consists of organizing the management of vendors and trades, but also the communication to and between all involved parties throughout the entire building project. We work as the central pivot during the process.

When we are employed as a general contractor, we work in the region of our main office; the Netherlands. We hire specialists to advise and contribute to plumbing, heating and air conditioning, painting and roofing aspects. This comes with our regular services like Design, Engineering and 3D Printing.

In a better way

Practice what you preach

The role of general contractor allows us to gain relevant experience. It enables us to support and guide our international partners, like general contractors or precast factories, in a better way. Continuous learning is what we highly valuate.

International Contracting, done by CyBe for CCC
We involve reliable, local general contractors

International Partnership community

Although as a general contractor we work in the region of our main office, we can support within projects outside the Netherlands as either technology provider or sub-contractor. We strongly believe that local partners contain most knowledge about the local construction industry and the rest of the building process like windows, doors and plumbing. Due to our broad international partnership community, we are able to involve reliable, local general contractors as soon as we receive a project request.