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Artificial Reef

Achieve fast increases in local fish population, rehabilitation, coral reef, and algae growth.

A man-made underwater structure, that achieves improvements of marine life in areas with a generally featureless bottom.

Underwater structure made by mankind

Artificial Reef

An artificial reef is an underwater structure made by mankind. It functions as a stimulating factor for marine life in areas with a generally featureless bottom, but it is also capable of controlling erosion, blocking ship passage, blocking the use of trawling nets, or improve surfing. Artificial reefs can show quick increases in local fish population rehabilitation, coral reef, and algae growth. It is considered as an incredible solution for our oceans’ main problems. Due to the roughness of our material, it has higher chances of containing certain elements like coral.

Artificial reef
Various purposes

How to use an artificial reef?

Artificial reefs can be used for various purposes. It is able to prevent coastal erosion, or force waves to release their energy elsewhere instead of directly on the coastline. This way, you can steer the force of these waves. Other reefs are designed to hold sediment on beaches. The elements for this reef were designed to develop the resilience of mangrove and coral ecosystems, mitigating the effects of the ocean swell. To summarize, it is a huge benefit for marine life in general.

Increasing diversity of habitat

Why 3D printing? Efficient and sustainable.

The effects of climate change on marine ecosystems and coastal areas raises a number of technical, ecological and human challenges. When using 3D printing as a production method for these elements, every unit made can have different features than the others without the need for different molds, therefore increasing the diversity of habitat and richness of species on the reef. Because of this efficient process, 3D Printed artificial reefs are produced with relatively low costs and results in extremely sustainable measures in order to stimulate marine life.