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Getting Recognized

In the decade that we’ve been bringing faster, cheaper, and more sustainable solutions to the construction industry, CyBe Construction has been recognized for its innovative achievements many times. Over the years, CyBe has received various local and international awards. On this page, you can find a list of nominations and awards we’ve received for our cutting-edge technology. These awards include, but are not limited to, the ones listed below.

FD Gazelle International, 2024

The FD Gazelle International title is awarded to Dutch companies with exceptional international success. The initiative is organized by respected Dutch news outlet Het Financieele Dagblad, showcasing companies that have Dutch roots, but worldwide success.

TCT Creative Application Award 2024 (finalist)

The TCT Awards is an annual celebration of the very best innovations and applications of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing technology globally. There are eleven categories to enter, and entries are judged by over twenty independent industry experts using a robust set of judging criteria. In 2024, CyBe was nominated as a finalist for the Creative Application Award.

ESG EcoBalance Award (Finalist)

The EcoBalance Award is granted for the best solution for climate change and pollution. Our solution, the combination of 3D concrete printing with modular prefabrication, allows for the net-zero construction of modular and circular building blocks. This innovative approach to affordable and sustainable housing has been nominated by EUBIN – European Building Innovation Network for the Global ESG EcoBalance Award.

CyBe Construction Awards

ABB Value Provider Sustainability, 2023 (Finalist)

The ABB Value Provider Awards celebrate individuals and teams who are shaping the future of robotics and automation in an extraordinary way. The initiative awards prizes in five categories: Lifetime Achievement, Most Innovative Solution, Outstanding Performance, Sustainability, and Best Cobot Application.

Top 250 Scaleups, 2023

The Top 250 Scaleups is an annual research publication that selects and analyzes the 250 fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands. The initiative addresses both absolute and relative growth, and highlights significant achievements of these so-called High-Growth-Firms.

Pole Position Program, 2023

The Pole Position Program is an initiative for innovative deeptech startups and scaleups. It was implemented to accelerate the growth of ambitious deep-tech entrepreneurs and focuses on GreenTech ventures; those companies whose innovation pays close attention to climate, carbon, cleantech, and circularity.

Smart Construction Innovator, 2023 (Finalist)

The Smart Construction Innovator Award challenges companies to invent smarter, more innovative construction solutions. It focuses on companies that shape the future of their industry in a more ingenious and sustainable manner.

Smart Building Award
FD Gazelle Award

FD Gazelle, 2023

The FD Gazelle Award assesses businesses that exhibit exceptional growth, not only in terms of revenue but also in their workforce expansion and profit margins. It selects so-called FD Gazelles: rapidly growing Dutch companies with a commitment to excellence and innovation.

Challenger50, 2023 (Top 50)

The Challenger50 is an annual event featuring a list of the 50 most innovative and impactful companies in the Netherlands. They focus on those that make a positive impact on the world by disrupting the status quo in their respective markets.

MT/sprout challenger 50 award, 2021 (Top 101)

This company makes the top 101 list of European startups. They organize their awards in various categories, under which Construction Companies, for which CyBe was nominated.

Provada Future Startup Battle, 2019 (Top 10)

Provada’s Future Startup Battle is an innovation contest for startups covering the building life cycle. A pool of 50 startups gets selected to present to a professional jury for the coveted Provada Award.

Veelbelovend ondernemer

Promising Entrepreneur of the Year, 2018

In this local award, entrepreneurs are evaluated based on the value of their business ideas. The companies of the entrepreneurs are assessed, and the most promising entrepreneur goes home with an award.

The Pitch, 2016

In this initiative from our hometown, Oss entrepreneurs pitch their business idea to a jury. In one minute, they should explain why their innovation or business model is innovative and why it works.

MKB Innovation Top 100, 2014

The MKB Innovation showcases the triumphs of the 100 most innovative small and medium-sized companies in the Netherlands. Spotlighting 100 innovative enterprises annually, the acknowledgment recognizes companies that symbolize excellence, fostering connections, and unlocking novel opportunities.

Climate KIC Venture Competition, 2013 (Top 5)

EIT Climate-KIC, committed to expediting the shift toward a net-zero carbon economy, takes a proactive stance in uniting the globe’s foremost climate start-ups with angel investors and venture capital. The ClimAccelerator program, curated for select start-ups, propels systemic and sustainable change, concurrently fostering business value. Upon program completion, participants undergo assessment and third-party validation of their climate impact potential. Investing in start-ups driven by a clear commitment to positive impact not only cultivates high potential for growth but also positions them for profitability.

BRAINS Award (Top 20)

The goal of the BRAINS Award is to promote partnerships that are driven by innovation. The award focuses on the area around Brainport Eindhoven, declared as the world’s smartest region back in 2011. With the BRAINS Award, Brainport Eindhoven aspires to keep its innovative character and collaboration between government, educational institutions, and businesses in the years to come.

Philips Innovation Award (Top 10)

The Philips Innovation Award is the biggest student entrepreneurship award in the Netherlands, meant for students who want to further develop their startups or ideas. In the idea, development, and refinement stages, businesses get selected for this award to compete in the grand final.

BuiltWorld Innovation (Top 25)

This award explores the forefront of construction. It recognizes companies that challenge the norm and contribute to a better world through innovation in real estate and construction. Awards are given out in categories like Engineering, Project Management, Construction Machines, and more.

Building Netherlands (Top 10)

In this initiative, young entrepreneurs in the construction industry get selected for their innovative approach to changing the market. The award aims to give young, innovative builders the recognition they deserve.