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3D Printed Homes in Australia: Our Projects

3D Printed Houses in Australia

3D printed homes are the future of Australia and New Zealand. On this page, we’ll answer questions like where can I buy a 3D printed house, how to get a 3D printed house in Australia or New Zealand, and how much does a 3D printed house cost. Is your construction company looking to invest in 3D concrete printing technology in Australia or New Zealand? Contact us today!

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3D Printed Homes in Australia

Additive manufacturing, also recognized as 3D concrete printing, has swiftly emerged as a revolutionary construction method with a global footprint, shedding its former reputation as an exclusive and elusive technology. CyBe Construction has been a driving force in this arena for over a decade, and our recent efforts are dedicated to advancing the adoption of 3D printing technology in the countries of Australia and New Zealand. The continent of Australia, officially called Oceania, has been quick to embrace this innovative construction approach, positioning itself at the forefront of this technological wave. The technology is rapidly gaining momentum across the continent, offering cost-effective, eco-friendly, and rapid solutions for constructing residential spaces. The number of 3D printed homes in Australia is on the rise, and with this increasing number of 3D printed houses, Australia has greater accessibility to cutting-edge housing solutions than ever before. This boost of 3D printed homes in Australia marks the continent as a key player in the realm of 3D concrete printing.

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By combining our 3DCP technology with Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC), we’re able to construct modular housing units in a factory setting. This way of construction offer homes with unmatched speed, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. The housing modules are fully finished in our CyBe Construction Center (CCC) within a week, and are then installed on-site. Are you looking for a modular, 3D printed home in Australia or New Zealand? Fill out our contact form for ‘I want CyBe to print my project’ and be the first to find out about CyBe Construction Centers near you!

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Our 3D Concrete Printing Solutions in Australia

CyBe Construction presents a range of innovative solutions for 3D printed homes in Australia. Our commitment to delivering cost-effective housing solutions offers you the chance to make significant savings on your home’s design and construction. Leveraging our expertise in additive manufacturing, we ensure swifter and more sustainable construction processes compared to traditional methods. Another benefit of 3D printed houses in Australia is related to your safety. As cyclone occurrences become increasingly common over the years, our cyclone-resistant 3D printed houses in Australia provide the safety and security your family deserves. Our prints also have the capacity to withstand earthquakes, especially important for 3D printed homes in New Zealand, with the country lying on a tectonic plate boundary. Additionally, with our many partners in the continent, and experience of 3D concrete printing, Australia residents can always find the perfect solution nearby.

3D printed house Australia
Walls of a 3D printed house New Zealand
3D printed coral reef
Artificial Coral Reef

Artificial Coral Reef in Australia

Another solution we offer with regard to 3D concrete printing is related to coral reefs in Australia. With coral reefs dying and even the Great Barrier Reef in Australia being threatened, it is time to look for solutions to this environmental issue. The decline of coral reefs in Australia is primarily due to climate change, which is not an issue that can be solved in a day. However, CyBe Construction offers a way to help these affected coral reefs. With the use of 3D concrete printing in Australia, we can create artificial reef. These underwater structures mimic the functions of coral reefs by offering several benefits to marine life and the local ocean environment. Artificial reefs created with our 3D concrete printing technology also provide protection to shorelines against erosion and storm surges. Our 3D concrete printing technology, due to its accuracy, flexibility, and material, is the perfect method to create these artificial coral reefs in Australia.

What does a 3D printed house cost in Australia?

Before you consider a 3D printed house in Australia, it’s essential to ask: What does a 3D printed house in Australia cost? Generally, a 3D printed house costs marginally less than one constructed with conventional techniques. There are various ways to save costs on 3D printed houses, including reduced labor hours and the omission of certain steps in the construction process. Though on average being less, 3D printed house costs can vary significantly based on factors such as. So, what does a 3D printed house cost in Australia? As prices vary so heavily, we advise you to fill out our contact form, and we’ll give you an indication for your location as precisely as possible!

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3D printed house Australia
The Robust Villa
3D printed house Australia
Inside walls of Creators Forest Lake, the Southern Hemisphere’s first 3D printed commercial building

Partnerships in Australia

We have many 3D concrete printing partnerships on the Australian continent. First and foremost is QOROX. This New Zealand-based construction company was one of our first partners and has positioned itself among the most prominent 3D concrete printing companies in the continent. They offer numerous innovative 3D printing solutions, such as a seashell-infused artificial reef designed to be placed around pillars in the ocean, and the world’s first passive solar house using 3D concrete printed walls. Having constructed the Southern Hemisphere’s first 3D printed commercial building, Creators Forest Lake, they have made a significant impact on the construction landscape. This milestone was achieved in cooperation with Iconic Construction, one of the newest additions to our list of partners. In Australia, we also have an educational partner: RMIT University, Melbourne. RMIT researchers and professors underwent training at our production facility, enabling the university to establish the Centre for Additive Manufacturing, dedicated to researching additive manufacturing design, materials, and modeling.

Check Out our Unique Printers

We have 3D concrete printers for sale in Australia. CyBe currently offers the option to buy 3D concrete printers in a diverse range of four printers, each uniquely equipped to tackle specific tasks. These printers can be categorized into two primary lines, each with distinct features and advantages. In our G-line, you can find the advanced CyBe GR, boasting impressive dimensions of 7 meters by 10 meters. This portal printer is ideal for even the most substantial projects. In contrast, our R-line encompasses smaller, often portable 3D printers, delivering unparalleled flexibility in the printing process. While all of our printers are fully capable of constructing 3D printed houses in Australia, certain printers may be better suited for particular projects. If you find it difficult to assess which printer suits your project best, our expert team is here to guide you. When you express your interest in 3D printing with CyBe, we will collaborate with you to determine your project’s needs and provide you with a tailored business case. This comprehensive consultation includes recommendations on the most suitable printer for your specific undertaking, ensuring that you always have the right machine for the job at hand.

3D concrete printer
Team of RMIT researchers next to the CyBe RC
3D printed house Australia
Render of The Vicarage, Iconic Construction’s upcoming project

Upcoming Projects

The future holds some amazing new 3D concrete printing projects for Australia. QOROX plans to increase their output of additive manufacturing solutions to an even higher level and has purchased another printer to facilitate this expansion. Excitingly, we have also signed an official reseller agreement with QOROX, making them an authorized reseller of CyBe printers. This will make the technology, as well as 3D printed homes in Australia, more readily available than ever before. Iconic Construction won’t be idle either. They have already lined up multiple projects to put their newly acquired printer to good use. The first will be Lowe Road Studio, Australia’s first 3D printed Airbnb. This building will provide people the experience of staying in 3D printed houses in Australia. Another project they will soon embark on is The Vicarage, a commercial facility. Using their CyBe printer, they will be able to complete these two projects much faster than they would have been able to using conventional construction methods.

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  • Are 3D printed houses cheaper?
    Though the price of a 3D printed house can vary significantly based on various factors, the short answer to this question is: Yes, 3D printed houses are cheaper. Using 3D printing technology as your building method can save costs in different domains, like labor hours, material usage, indirect costs, and certain steps from the traditional construction process that are omitted. 3D printed houses are, however, generally only cheaper when they are designed as a 3D printed house from the beginning. This way, you can make sure you enjoy optimal material usage and timelines.
  • Are 3D printed houses safe?
    Yes, 3D printed houses are safe. Generally, they are safer than traditionally constructed homes. 3D printed houses meet and exceed virtually all building codes, and offer protection against natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. They also offer improved fire-resistance. 3D printed houses offer the safety you and your family deserve.
  • How strong are 3D printed houses?
    3D printed houses are exceptionally strong. Our 3D printed homes use our single-purpose CyBe Mortar, which is specifically developed for 3D concrete printing. This material is durable and offers outstanding structural strength. 3D printed houses printed with CyBe Mortar can even withstand earthquakes and hurricanes.