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A concrete print of a bench in only 35 minutes can be seen as a sustainable way of design improvement.

At the request of Dura Vermeer, CyBe Construction has printed a series of 5 concrete city benches in Haarlem, the Netherlands. The benches were printed at Cybe’s R&Do lab. An example of how we assume prefab factories will work in the future.

Optimize the overall process

3D Concrete Benches

CyBe Construction has designed and engineered 3D concrete printed benches, and is therefore responsible for the whole cycle. We can print concrete benches in a process of serial printing. An interesting development, given the fact that this is the way in which precast factories might work in the future. We have challenged ourselves to optimize the overall process in order to enable printing up to ten benches in less than a workday, including installing and moving. The print-time of one bench is 35 minutes.

CyBe Construction 3D printing bench

The benches were printed at CyBe’s print facility

We print 10 concrete benches in less than one working day.

Berry Hendriks ,
CEO of CyBe Construction
CyBe picknickbank - Traas
A holistic view

Easy adaptable design

One of the advantages of the software CyBe develops is the design that is easily adaptable. The design of all these benches has been improved, compared to the first bench in Haarlem. Not only the printing, also the design and engineering phase are improved. This holistic view gives us a great benefit in perfectioning the process.


The various applications that can be done with the same 3D concrete printer are another advantage. Printing these benches has been done with the same CyBe RC 3Dp as we also used within projects like the R&Drone Laboratory, de Vergaderfabriek, 3D housing, and more. This proves that our printer serves various markets.