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Design & Engineering

We create freedom in design.

CyBe Construction aims for a sustainable network of parties involved in the development and usage of 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP). The expertise of our specialists ranges from knowledge about state of the art 3DCP up to the development of 3DCP concepts to be implemented in future construction projects.

Integrating new and existing technologies

Design & Engineering

CyBe Construction specializes on helping the construction industry, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to make the transition to construction 4.0 through 3DCP. We do this by integrating new and existing technologies into cohesive 3D printed concepts that fill a niche in the market. We offer our clients value-added services and top-quality designs with a multidisciplinary approach to bring together the expertise needed to address complex issues.

Brief Design & Engineering overview - CyBe Construction
Design & Engineering 3D concrete printing
This is the keystone of everything we do

Integral, holistic approach

Our architects and structural engineers work to advise and asses projects, based on our experience with 3D Concrete Printing. Our range of action varies from designing new 3D concepts and doing structural calculations to assessing external designs in order to make it printable. This integral approach goes further than just the printed parts; it expands to the entire construction process. We study how components such as floors, windows, partitions, etc., interact with the printed elements and provide a holistic view on how this technology can make a building more sustainable, efficient, affordable, and along a faster construction process. This holistic approach is the keystone of everything we do.


For us, the Design & Engineering phase is the part of the process where everything has to be aligned in order to get the final result. The level of detail and planning is stronger in this part of the process compared to traditional construction. We provide these services to make 3DCP easier for our clients so they can focus on production.

Three phases


Our Design & Engineering (D&E) efforts focus on three phases with following deliverables:

  1. Conceptual phase: Definition & 3DCP analysis of the entire conceptual design.
  2. Technical phase: Segmentation and element anatomy, 3D models of the printed elements & construction details.
  3. Operational planning phase: 3DCP element overview, construction site logistics, facilities and 3D printing sequence.
Why our services

Key Technology Features

Urban & Architectural Design

Urban & Architectural design by taking an existing model/concept and make it printable or developing new printable concepts.

Tools & Computational Solutions

Generative design, parametric modelling & computational design by developing tools and scripts to automate the D&E process.

Structural Design

Structural calculations & construction details for building physics.


Developing the use of our material, it’s properties and replication in different countries.

3D concrete printing protocol

Developing 3D elements overviews, facilities, printing sequence, reference points.

Printability analysis

Developing our printers, it’s properties and replication in different countries.