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3D Printing offers affordable housing and enhances flexibility and replicability.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is based on the advantages of 3D Printing. In every case, the goal is to create an efficient product that will enhance this new technology, form and function. Easy, cheap and sustainable.

3D Printing opportunities

Affordable housing

Our affordable housing concept offers revolutionary opportunities. This concept explores the principles of affordable housing within 3D printing opportunities in order to enhance flexibility and replicability.


Within CyBe Construction we develop our technology and practical applications extremely fast. We’ve experienced that there is a gap between the conventional construction industry and the way we build. During every project, we guide the companies working with us, by explaining them step by step how our process looks like, we are closing this gap more and more every single day. Together, we will make this amazing.

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Enhance tecnology, form and function

The advantages of 3d printing

The standard house concept design is based on the advantages of 3D printing. The goal is to create an efficient product that will enhance this new technology, form and function. We do this every single time.


A single-family house aims for replicability of units, flexibility of spaces, versatility of uses as well as affordability. The program includes an open living & dining area, a kitchen that opens for a back garden, a dormitory, a studio and a bathroom. Open spaces will decrease the amount of walls, therefore the amount of material, and makes the overall printing cheaper. This principle will depend on the chosen structural system to built the units and will define if additional engineering and reinforcement is needed.

Flexibility and Versatility

The evolution of housing

It is possible to expand our standard house concept design. The evolution proposal allows an expansion in a single story house with an additional bedroom or two bedrooms and one bathroom. Therefore, the usability of the spaces can be configure in different schemes. From this standard house concept – which is based on the premise of flexibility and versatility – it is easy to evolve the design into even an apartment complex. It summarizes and highlights one of the biggest advantages of 3D concrete printing in general.