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Lyve by CyBe

The housing shortage is a global problem which is being mainly solved locally with conventional solutions. Along with the housing shortage there is currently also a resource shortage and (skilled) labor shortage. In the light of these problems, a completely different approach to how construction is organised and works is crucial! This means no longer a fragmented, but holistic approach, not more a regional approach but global approach – in other words an all in one solution which can only be provided by the one-stop-shop.

Established in 2019

Lyve Label

People all over the globe want to live their Lives! With the Lyve label we enable living and are focusing to provide livable spaces which people experience as comfortable, are spacious, sustainable and durable;

  • Are spacious
  • Are comfortable
  • Architecturally calm and straightforward and use of robust materials
  • Qualitative
  • Durable Sustainable 

With the Lyve label, a team of in-house designers and architects has developed various designs that are easy to build using the various 3D concrete printers.

Lyve Design Label - CyBe Construction


Owning your (own) home should be easy. Due to the variety of designs within the Lyve label these are for sure for private individuals – however these would also be interesting for companies and corporations such as contractors, precast factories, real estate developers, investors and housing corporations.


Robust Villa


Row housing


Leaf House


Patio Bungalow

De Vergaderfabriek - CyBe Construction
Overall Effectiveness

Time, Cost and Quality

We believe time is crucial – therefore we aim to build fast. As a result therefore costing is being reduced due efficiency and Overall Effectiveness. Based on comparisons in numerous countries with our partners we concluded together that a direct building cost reduction is achievable of 6%. In case overhead, site costing and other costing are included the reduction would increase to 15-20%. This is due to the fact that the construction time is decreased from 25 weeks to 6 weeks*.


The designs created by our team  under the Lyve label are on a preliminary level and would be easily tunable and align with the local context and construction regulations – either by yourself, the local consultant or our team. 


* These results are examples and depend heavily on the country/region and building design. Our team is interested in checking this in your region together with your team.
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Lyve label CyBe - Wall

  • Material  efficiency 
  • Structural systems 
  • Modulation for printer reach 
  • Textures and finishes 
  • Built-in furniture 
  • Properties Insulation



Lyve label CyBe - House

  • General Program 
  • Design guidelines 
  • Normative of min. Spaces
  • Flexibility 
  • House Evolution 
  • Building possibilities 
  • Replicability capacity
  • Mix systems 
  • Building sequence 
  • Assembly handbook 
  • Collaborative planning


Lyve label CyBe - Urban

  • Socio – Economic Composition 
  • Effective shapes  
  • Public –  Private relations 
  • Green areas 
  • Parameters (1 to 100 houses) 
  • Replicability pattern 
  • Urban furniture 
  • Congruence, Generality, Accordance


Lyve label CyBe - Urban

  • Urban determinants 
  • Urban Patterns
  • Urban Equipment  
  • Neighbourhood composition 
  • Mobility 
  • Local normative land use (green areas, commercial areas, leisure areas, etc.)
In the Netherlands

General Contracting

CyBe Construction can serve as a general contractor, which makes us responsible for day-to-day oversight over the entire construction site. This consists of organizing the management of vendors and trades, but also the communication to and between all involved parties throughout the entire building project. We work as the central pivot during the process.


When we are employed as a general contractor, we work in the region of our main office; the Netherlands. We hire specialists to advise and contribute to plumbing, heating and air conditioning, painting and roofing aspects. This comes with our regular services like Design, Engineering and 3D Printing.

International Contracting, done by CyBe for CCC
World map - CyBe
International Partnership community

Sub Contractor

The role of general contractor allows us to gain relevant experience. It enables us to support and guide our international partners, like general contractors or precast factories, in a better way. Continuous learning is what we highly valuate.


Although as a general contractor we work in the region of our main office, we can support within projects outside the Netherlands as either technology provider or sub-contractor. We strongly believe that local partners contain most knowledge about the local construction industry and the rest of the building process like windows, doors and plumbing. Due to our broad international partnership community, we are able to involve reliable, local general contractors as soon as we receive a project request.