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CyBe Mortar

High-performance, singlepurpose material.

From our point of view, we strongly believe that one integrated system combining hardware, software and material is key. As a result, we have co-developed CyBe Mortar specifically for the application of 3D concrete printing.

For 3D concrete printing

CyBe Mortar

CyBe Mortar can be used for architectural, structural, industrial, and design projects regarding 3D concrete printing applications. It is a high-performance, single purpose material and durable in all environments. Besides, it is non-metallic, and contains very low amounts of chloride and sulphate. Use CyBe Mortar with our 3D concrete print technology to produce high durability objects where low shrinkage is desired. CyBe Mortar sets in three minutes and achieves structural strength in only one hour. This allows a fast and efficient printing process, a reduction of costs and sustainable results.

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Mortar - CyBe Construction
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3D concrete printing

CyBe Mortar enables to 3D print at speeds of max. 600 mm/s and layer heights from 10mm up to 50 mm. Moreover, the time-window to print on top of a 3D printed layer only takes five seconds.


Use CyBe Mortar with 3D concrete printing for architectural, structural, industrial and design purposes.

Environmental advantages

Use CyBe Mortar to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your environmental impact. Production of CyBe Mortar emits up to 32% less CO2 than portland cement, and the mortar can be used as an eco-friendly building material.

CyBe Mortar


Specially developed for 3D concrete printing applications.

Formulated for long life even in critical applications.

For structural and non structural construction components and objects.

Usage only for 3D concrete printing with 3D concrete printers analysed and approved by CyBe Construction.

Local production

We understand that shipping materials all over the world is costly and time consuming. Therefore it is possible – within a partnership – to produce CyBe Mortar locally.

Mortar - CyBe Construction