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We build the future using 3D concrete printing. With its many advantages, 3D concrete printing can be used for various different applications. We offer efficient, quick and sustainable solutions. Find our various 3D concrete printing applications here!

  • 3D Printed Renewable Energy Infrastructure

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    3D concrete printed energy infrastructure
  • 3D Printing Houses

    As a 3D printed home builder, CyBe Construction offers 3D printing houses as an affordable, quick, and sustainable solution for the housing problem. Learn more here!

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    Living Seawall construction

    We use 3D concrete printing to produce Living Seawalls, underwater structures that improve biodiversity and monitor water quality. Learn more here!

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    Man made coral reef

    An artificial reef is an underwater structure made by mankind. It functions as a stimulating factor for marine life in areas with a generally featureless bottom, but it is also capable of controlling erosion, blocking ship passage, blocking the use of trawling nets, or improve surfing.

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    Artificial-Reef - CyBe Construction
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    Printing manholes is a creative solution which has many benefits. It can be carried out on-site and solves labor shortage. Besides, it offers relatively shorter periods of disturbance of urban life.

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    Manholes - CyBe Construction
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    At the request of Dura Vermeer, CyBe Construction has printed a series of 5 concrete city benches in Haarlem, the Netherlands. The benches were printed at Cybe’s R&Do lab. An example of how we assume prefab factories will work in the future.

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    Street furniture
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    Art and Abstract Design

    The way 3D concrete printing provides design freedom, makes it also perfectly suitable to create art and abstract design. It can bring different cultures closer, and adapt cost-efficiently to every idea.

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    Art - CyBe Construction
  • Yes, please!

    More Applications?

    Our showcased 3D concrete printing applications are just the tip of the iceberg. With a decade of expertise in 3D concrete printing, our capabilities know no bounds. With 3D printing’s exceptional flexibility, the possibilities are limitless. If you can envision it, we can print it!

    Our journey blends years of experience with cutting-edge technology. In a world where speed, cost efficiency, and sustainability are top priority, our 3D concrete printers stand out. Picture structures emerging faster, at a lower cost, and with minimal environmental impact – it’s not a dream, it’s our reality.

    And you can be a part of this reality! Do you want to build structures faster, cheaper, and more sustainable? Check out our various printers, each with their own unique advantages. Whether you’re thinking of intricate designs or robust structures, our technology can bring your wildest ideas to life. Ready to redefine construction? Reach out via our contact form. Let’s build a sustainable, efficient, and groundbreaking future together!

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