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Sapporo, Japan


Precast Factory Japan

Project details

  • Our jobSupplier hardware, software, material, education, certification, business consultant
  • Start of project2018

A solution to the increasing labor shortage, which is also more efficient and more sustainable by using their own 3D printer.

Innovative construction methods

Customer Demand

In Japan, social problems like labor shortage are emerging. This is the main reason that Aizawa Technology and precast are looking for new, less labour intensive ways of working like innovative construction methods. It’s fair to say that with 3D concrete printing a solution has been found. Besides, it results in the attraction of newer, technical business opportunities.

Aizawa - CyBe Construction
Aizawa - CyBe Construction
A sustainable solution

The Activities

The first printer that was sold relating to project, was to a prefab concrete factory with more than 28 plants throughout Asia. The first one was used in a factory 800 kilometres from Tokyo, and was used to create toilets. The extension of this concept to other elements like manholes, bridge-elements and buildings can be seen as the next step. It is a huge benefit that when they use their own 3D concrete printer, it will let them work faster, cheaper and more sustainable. And above all, relating to the customer demand; it is a sustainable solution to the increasing labor shortage.

Optimize our process

What we’ve learned

This project taught us several lessons, which will be extremely useful in the future. It taught us the manufacturing of the first mobile printer being delivered to a partner. Given the fact that Aizawa is Japanese, several language barriers emerged. However, we still managed to do training and education, and were able to support remotely. The continuous learning and local CyBe MORTAR production were extremely useful and will be used in the future even more, in order to optimize our process.

Aizawa - CyBe Construction
Why CyBe Construction

We’d like to tell our story

When creating solutions, CyBe Construction always keeps the future in mind. We solve social and economic problems using less raw material and transportation for a more sustainable planet. With an holistic view, we’re constantly looking for opportunities and build cheaper and quicker.

Our story