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FAQ Artificial Reef

On this page, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about artificial reef created with 3D concrete printing. Still haven’t found what you were looking for? Reach out to us via our contact form!

Artificial Reef

  • How many species of marine life live on an artificial reef?
    The type, and therefore also the amount of species that attach to our artificial reef depends on the location the reef elements is placed in. Generally, however, over 1 million aquatic species can live in, on, and around our artificial reefs.
  • What might happen to an area in the ocean if an artificial reef is put in an area?
    In some cases, not carefully placing artificial reefs can damage natural habitats. By printing our artificial reefs, however, we’re able to include cavities for hoisting, allowing for easy placement in the ocean.
  • How long does it take to grow an artificial reef?
    Artifcial reefs start attracting marine organisms as soon as they are placed on the ocean floor. Generally, in around three to five years, they already show almost as much diversity in attached species as naturally ocurring reefs