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FAQ I want to buy a printer

On this page, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about buying a 3D concrete printer. Still haven’t found what you were looking for? Take a look at our printer page for more information, or reach out to us via our contact form.

I want to buy a printer

  • I am interested in purchasing a 3D printer. How do I get in touch?
    The easiest way to get in touch about purchasing a 3D printer is filling out our contact form via cybe.eu/contact. In this contact form, we’ll ask you for the necessary details to assess your project. If you’d like more information about 3D concrete printing, check out our website, or one of our many website. To get in contact now, please go to cybe.eu/contact!
  • Is it possible to distribute your products to my country and what are the terms of delivery?
    We distribute our products worldwide! We currently have printers in all continents, expect for Antartica (should we put this on our to-do list?). Furthermore, our printers are modular, meaning they can be separated in smaller parts for an easy transport process. Note that additional costs related to transportation and import taxes will be added to the printer’s price after we calculated them. These costs, as well as the estimated delivery time, depend on the location to which the product needs to be transported. Curious to find out what these are for your location? Fill out our contact form at cybe.eu/contact, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!
  • What is the delivery time for a 3D printer?
    Our current delivery time is approximately 6 months, starting at the moment we receive the first payment. Of course, these delivery times can increase or decrease, depending on your type of printer, its options, and your location. At times, we might also have in-stock machines, which will have a reduced delivery time. To find out exactly how long your printer will take to arrive, please fill out our contact form at cybe.eu/contact!
  • Does CyBe offer a warranty with the purchase of a 3D printer?
    We currently offer a standard warranty of one year. Warranties can be adjusted to your needs, and will be incorporated into the SLA (Service Level Agreement). Of course, a warranty of one year, doesn’t mean we won’t help you after that time. At CyBe, customer service is one of our highest priorities. Our Aftersales and Support team are always ready to assist you with anything you might encounter. Furthermore, our printers are built to last. The machinery is able to fulfill tasks with a significantly higher workload. They are also modular, meaning that parts can be replaced if necesarry. This way, our printers are built to years. As an illustration: the printer we use in our facility was built in 2017, and has been shipped all over the world for print jobs. Nevertheless, it still works perfectly fine!
  • How do I maintain a 3D printer?
    While our machines are specifically designed for the rough environment of the construction industry, they still need some love and care from time to time. For this reason we offer a yearly maintenance which is included in our Service Level Agreement (SLA). This SLA is included for one year in the purchase of a printer. Besides the Yearly maintenance, a good clean after every print is highly recommended. This cleaning procedure takes around 5 minutes to complete and is explained in depth in our training courses (which are also included in the purchase of a printer).
  • What are the specs of the 3D printers and 3D printable material?
    For the full specifications of our 3D printers, as well as our CyBe Mortar material, we have devised detailed documents, thoroughly going over all the facts. For our printer specifications, please download the file ‘3D Specifications’, which can be found in the footer, at the bottom of this page. Our CyBe Mortar datasheet can be found in our Lybrary, at lybrary.cybe.eu.
  • How do I receive a quotation for a 3D printer?
    We are happy to make a quotation for the purchase and delivery of a 3D printer. The easiest way to get in touch about this is filling out our contact form via cybe.eu/contact. In this contact form, we’ll ask you the details of your situation. To proceed, please fill in our contact form and describe your request via cybe.eu/contact!
  • Does CyBe provide an option to rent?
    At CyBe, we take pride in delivering the highest quality machinery and results when taking on a project. For this exact reason we do not offer straight renting services, as successfully 3D concrete printing a project takes more than just access to a machine. To successfully complete a print you need a proper design, a well installed printer, a team of trained printer operators, and of course the right material to print. By renting out a printer, we are setting our clients up for failure, which is why we choose not to do so. If, on the other hand, you are interested in printing just 1 or 2 projects that do not validate the full purchase of a printer, we are more than happy to open a discussion where we not only “rent out a printer”, but support you with every aspect to successfully print your project. This means helping with design and engineering of your project, making sure the business case is closing, supporting you with print strategy and of course printing itself. Feel free to reach out to us via the contact form at cybe.eu/contact and select “I want cybe to print my project”, fill in the required information and our sales team will contact you to set up a first meeting.
  • What is the price of a 3D printer?
    We offer 3 models: CyBe R (Robot) €150,000 Ex Works, CyBe RC (Robot Crawler) €195,000 Ex Works, and CyBe G (Gantry) €285,000 Ex Works.
  • How much does it cost to make 3D models?
    We offer Design & Engineering services to support our clients’ projects. The costs vary per project. Please contact our team for a quotation.
  • What is the printing speed of the 3D printers?
    The printers print up to 500 mm / second. Depending on the element’s layer height and width, the print speed may be reduced to 200 mm / second for optimal results.
  • Is there an option to lease a 3D concrete printer?
    Yes, we have options for leasing our 3D printers. Please contact our team for terms and conditions.
  • What is the price difference between purchasing a printer and having CyBe print the project for us?
    This varies depending on the project. Our team can support in both cases. Please contact us and describe your request. We’ll respond to discuss your needs.
  • What are the costs for a project?
    We are happy to make a quotation for a project. Please fill in our contact form and describe your request.
  • What is included with the 3D printer systems?
    Please read about our printers.
  • What are the sizes of the 3D printers and how are they shipped?
    Please read about our printers.
  • Are there transportation requirements for a 3D printer, such as delivery and duty costs?
    Please read about our printers.
  • What is the total price to print a building?
    Please contact us to request a project quotation.
  • Are there financing possibilities?
    Contact us to learn about our various financing options.
  • Can I become a CyBe Construction representative?
    Please contact us to learn about becoming a CyBe Construction representative through our partnership agreement.