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Scalable Construction With 3D Concrete Printing

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scalable construction

3D concrete printing can be applied to anything from single print jobs to large-scale projects. Learn more about the scalability of 3DCP on this page!

Scalable Construction With 3D Concrete Printing

With an ever-increasing need for affordable housing, the scalability of construction methods becomes more important every day. After all, what use is fast, cheap, or sustainable construction if the building method can’t be applied on a large scale? Fortunately, our additive manufacturing technology offers excellent scalability capabilities. The large level of automation allows for high repeatability. In fact, repeated projects have even more significant benefits for your timelines, your costs, and your carbon footprint. Additionally, by leveraging Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC), we’re able to construct modular housing units in a factory setting. This way of construction holds promise for the continuous, perpetual printing of homes, taking scalability to another level.

Increasing Need for Scalability

The world’s population is growing every day, and with it, the need for affordable housing. With a global housing crisis, the necessity for scalable, affordable, and sustainable construction methods is bigger than ever before. For scalability in construction, a number of facets are needed. For a building method to not only be applicable to small projects, it needs to be flexible, adaptable, cost-efficient, fast, and consistent. Flexibility and adaptability refer to the way of building being applicable to various different types of projects. Cost-efficiency and speed are essential for scalability as they make the project feasible. Consistency is important, as inconsistent quality will lead to bad scalability. At CyBe, our decade of technological advancements led to our 3D concrete printing technology checking all the boxes of scalable construction.

scalable construction
scalability construction


Apart from being suitable for scalable projects, 3DCP offers some extra advantages when scaling up your projects. The innate high level of automation of the technique allows for excellent repeatability, which increases the degree to which it is scalable. Repeating an automated process is easy and quick: perfect for larger scale projects. For the parts of 3D printing that are not automated, like preparation, you’ll find that repeated print jobs lead to faster preparation times. Where setting up your first prints might require some time, this initial preparation process quickly becomes easier or even unnecessary. Additionally, when you decide to print a certain model multiple times, which is often the case in large scale projects, your preparation time becomes almost negligible. With the high level of automation 3DCP enjoys, your projects become easily repeatable and effortlessly scalable.

Speed, Cost, and Sustainability Benefits

In addition to the high level of automation 3D concrete printing enjoys being advantageous for its repeatability, this also holds implications for speed, cost, and sustainability benefits. The more you print, the more efficient the process becomes. With this increasing efficiency, your timelines, expenses, and carbon emissions are inevitably decreasing. As your printing becomes more efficient, you start using less and less material, allowing for more affordable and sustainable construction. The effectiveness of your preparation and printing process leads to quicker construction, as well as fewer labor hours. This way, the affordability, speed, and sustainability of the technique not only lead to high repeatability, but the repeatability, in turn, leads to faster, cheaper, and more sustainable construction. Applied to the technique on large scale projects thus leads to a virtuous circle of benefits.

construction scalability
scalable construction


A building method that, when combined with additive manufacturing, tops it all with regards to scalability, is Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC). In this way of construction, modular housing units are produced and completely finished in a factory setting. The off-site built modules are then moved to the construction site to be installed. By combining PPVC with the highly automated 3DCP, you’re able to create ‘home-factories’: large factories where homes can be mass-produced sustainably, affordably, and quickly. By perpetually printing the housing units, even the largest scale projects become attainable. This innovative way of leveraging 3DCP leads to more scalability than ever before.