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3d concrete printer

Rapidity and flexibility is what's key in our proces.

3d concrete printer

Our 3d concrete printer philosophy is based on rapidity and flexibility. It is developed for fast and flexible production of both pre-cast and on-site printed elements. The outcome is therefore cheaper and more sustainable.

Fast and flexible production

3d concrete printer

Rapidity and flexibility are the keystones of our 3D Concrete Printing philosophy. Our technology has been developed for fast and flexible production of both pre-cast and on-site printed elements. Due to this philosophy, the size of a building is not the main factor – a larger object such as a building can be constructed very quickly by connecting the different elements without the need for a bigger printer. Multiple elements (walls, for example), can be printed in only one day because of rapid curing and its user friendliness.

Wall and Robot - de Vergaderfabriek - CyBe Construction
Integrated Systems rendered - R&Drone - CyBe Construction
Complemented hardware and software

Integrated system

We believe in an integrated system, which shouldn’t limit partners to, for instance, develop their own material. As long as it is aligned on the complementing hardware and software you are using integrally in the rest of the process. This integrated system is developed to strengthen each other as partners, not to limit each other.

Our holistic approach


Construction 4.0 consists of more than production by means of 3D concrete printing. As a result of working in the construction industry, CyBe Construction very well understands the various components a building consist of. Although these elements can partly be printed, it’s all about the integration between printed and not printed elements of for example affordable housing, iconic buildings, bridges, sewer pits, formworks. By using the printer in the projects ourselves we develop – and continuously improve – various concepts. Our holistic approach forms the cornerstone of everything we do.

Rendered Mobile Robot, printing a wall
We differentiate as follows

Printing strategy

Directly on site

The printer is transported to the construction site, and prints the elements directly on the final location. After completion, the printer moves to its next destination.


The printer is placed on the construction site. It prints the elements on one single location, after which the specific elements are relocated. This way of working is especially appropriate for larger projects, or for projects that will be build upwards.


Every element is printed inside CyBe Construction’s factory. Afterwards, it is transported to the construction site.