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Thank you! – I want CyBe to print my project

You’ve got mail!

At CyBe, we understand the challenges of the construction industry. Drawing on our 100 years legacy in traditional construction, we know exactly the problems with modern construction and how 3D concrete printing technology can help solve them. By leveraging our century-long construction background, we’ve been able to revolutionize the industry with additive manufacturing for 10 years and counting, setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability!

We hope that we can help you become a part of our countless partners who have become thriving 3D concrete printing companies through our unique Building as a Service (BaaS) approach. By carefully analyzing the problem at hand and supplying you with the most efficient solution for your construction project, we always offer a personally tailored solution. To effectively assist you, however, we would like to ask for a couple of details about your project. We’ve sent a follow-up email regarding your form entry, including an inquiry for the necessary information. Please reply to this email as thoroughly as possible, so we can assist you in the most efficient way. Make sure to check your spam box as well!

In the meantime, we suggest checking out our CyBe Lybrary, offering a wealth of printable models. Choosing one of these models will help you lowering you home’s cost by saving on Design & Engineering costs.