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Seaboost: Printing Artificial Reef

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In October 2023, we wrapped up the training of four employees from our partner Seaboost. Find out more about the training and the artificial reef they are going to print in this blog!

Training Seaboost

At CyBe Construction, we always make sure to extend our partners the proper training so that they can embark on their 3D concrete printing journey as effectively as possible. We recently wrapped up the training of four new employees from our partner Seaboost. This innovative marine enhancement company uses 3D printing to create solutions for our oceans’ deteriorating well-being. These solutions include marine infrastructures like artificial reefs and tidepools, all created using our 3D printing technology. In their two weeks of training, the team from Seaboost quickly learned the ins and outs of our CyBe RC printer. In their last week, they even managed to print 34 elements in a single print by stacking them on top of each other.

Image: Artificial reef element printing during Seaboost’s training in October 2023. (Image credit: CyBe Construction)
Image: Artificial reef made in collaboration with Seaboost. (Image credit: Renaud Dupuy De La Grand Rive – Aires marines protégées du cap d’Agde)

Artificial Reef

Seaboost focuses on restoring and enhancing marine ecosystems. Their main approach in achieving this goal is the application of artificial reef. These underwater structures mimic the role of a natural coral reef in their ability to provide the right environment for the local marine life. They provide shelter and nurturing to fish and crustaceans, promoting the ocean’s biodiversity. Additionally, the 3D printed concrete reef assists in protecting our shorelines from erosion and storm surges. We’re proud of Seaboost’s man made reefs, constructed by our coral reef printers, doing a great job in protecting our planet and ourselves.

Timelapse of Seaboost training print – 5 tidepool elements

Images from Seaboost’s training in October 2023