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Faster Construction with 3D Concrete Printing

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fast construction with 3d concrete printing

3D concrete printing can help you save time. On multiple fronts, the technique offers faster timelines than traditional construction. Learn more about faster construction with 3DCP on this page!

Faster Construction with 3D Concrete Printing

Additive manufacturing is significantly faster than conventional construction methods. The walls of a building can be printed in a matter of hours, and this printing process includes several steps from the traditional construction process that don’t have to be carried out anymore. The high level of repeatability of the technique allows for a quick and easy learning curve, enabling you to become more proficient with every print. The repeatability also means that certain steps you have to perform for your first print become obsolete for subsequent print jobs. Lastly, by relying on our vast CyBe Lybrary, filled with diverse models for you to print, you won’t need to spend time designing your model.

Low Printing Time

3D concrete printing is all about automation. Instead of manually building the walls of a structure, the 3D printer places the material according to the digitized model. As expected, having your walls constructed by a robot has a tremendous impact on construction timelines. Using a 3D concrete printer, the walls of a small home can be printed within a single day. For larger buildings, you’re looking at no more than a week of printing time. While you can’t print an entirely finished building, as some finishes like windows and doors need to be added, the print does include many other steps from the construction process. 3D printing eliminates the need for formwork, plastering, and utility preparation, among other steps. This way, many construction process steps are included in the print, saving you a considerable amount of time on the development of your building. Not having to carry out several steps in your construction process has implications for cost savings as well. Additionally, having fewer labor hours, both through quicker construction and a smaller team, helps reduce your costs too. Consequently, faster printing timelines, which include many steps from the traditional construction process, can help you save significant amounts of time on your project.

Fast Construction with 3D concrete printing
Walls of a home printed within a day
Fast construction with 3D concrete printing
Perpetual repetition of the printing process of 78 reef elements


The high level of automation within 3DCP allows for excellent repeatability. While your first print may require some initial preparations, these preparatory measures will quickly become obsolete for subsequent print jobs. Since you’ve already laid the groundwork after your first print, preparing for your next print is sure to be significantly quicker. Additionally, the high level of repeatability enables a quick and effective learning curve, ensuring that your printing proficiency increases with every single print. While your first print project may only be marginally faster than construction improved on faster timelines in other ways, you’re sure to become more skilled and adept with every print you carry out, holding capabilities for tremendous time savings in the long run.

CyBe Model Lybrary

Opting for 3D concrete printing can already shave months off your construction process. By leveraging our vast collection of 3D print models, ranging from small street furniture to entire apartment blocks, you can save time in your design stage as well. We offer our clients the CyBe Lybrary: a 3D model library with confirmed, printable models that you can download to kickstart your 3D printing project. The models are adjustable to tailor your specific needs or printable from the get-go for the quickest possible print.

fast construction with 3d concrete printing
Home printing from a model from the CyBe Lybrary

Wall that takes 24 hours to build, 3D printed within the hour