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CyBe Helps Students Design New 3D Printers

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Avans 3D Printing CyBe

At CyBe, we do more than just sell 3D printers. To promote education, every year, we welcome students from the Avans Mechanical Engineering study to a tour through our production facility. Read more about the initiative here!

Yearly Facility Visit

In collaboration with Avans University of Applied Sciences, every year, students from the Mechanical Engineering program join us for a tour of our production facility. We teach them about the hardware and software of our machines to help them get a better grasp of what 3D concrete printers are. This year, we welcomed as many as 50 students to our factory. In two groups, we gave them a guided tour around the facility, teaching them all the ins and outs of our 3D concrete printers through a series of visual demonstrations.

Avans 3D Printing CyBe
Avans 3D Printing CyBe

Designing New 3D Printers

The initiative is meant to assist the students in designing their own 3D printer for an assignment. By showing them both a gantry system and a portable system, we hope to provide a comprehensive idea of all the possibilities within 3D printing technology. The immense CyBe GR, our stationary portal-based system with a robot arm, showcased the capabilities of in-factory prefab production: Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC). With the CyBe RC, our portable robot arm printer mounted on caterpillar tracks, we demonstrated the flexibility and wide applicability of 3D printing. We hope to have helped the students with their upcoming project and maybe even sparked an interest in a future in 3D concrete printing!

CyBe Construction: Provider of Education

At CyBe, we believe that proper education is among the most important virtues of life. That’s why we offer workshops and other activities to teach children about technology and show them, from a young age, how fun the world of engineering can be. We also offer a knowledge base with extensive information about 3D concrete printing, as well as monthly webinars covering topics our followers find interesting. Additionally, we offer a variety of courses on additive manufacturing for anyone who wants to learn more about this innovative construction technique. If you are looking to gain more knowledge about 3D concrete printing, check out our free courses today!

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