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3D Concrete Printing
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3D printing turns digital files into physical objects by building them up layer-by-layer. Before we can start printing a 3D model is needed. This model is being tested on printability. When the model meets all the requirements it will be segmented into printable parts with our slicing software. After slicing the parts are being transformed to G-code, the language our printer understands. After receiving the G-code the printer is ready to print. Now we only need to add the CyBe MORTAR and the print operators. More information about 3D concrete printing? Check our printers or download our whitepaper.


Our 3D concrete printers are suitable for almost all 3D concrete applications. Although we always advise the most economical solutions to our clients and partners. That’s why we for instance advice not to print floors or roofs because there are faster & cheaper options. We advise focussing on elements that can hardly be created with traditional methods or use 3D concrete printing to work faster. Our printers have a fixed price where a lot of services are included, for instance, training and education of your print operators, access to the concepts we developed and an intense partnership between your company and CyBe. Besides all this we help you earn money as a business consultant.


Do you want your project to be printed by CyBe? This might be possible! What are the requirements? Because of the high demand, we are very willing to help if you have a concrete idea of an iconic application. The projects we’ve done are iconic and help the construction industry to change.  Change is needed because of a worldwide decrease in labor availability and sustainability. 3D concrete printing is cheaper, faster and more eco-friendly than traditional methods. It enables producing against lower costs and in a shorter amount of time. Another great benefit is the freedom of design. Besides this, 3D concrete printing is capable of increasing the quality of the product and is more eco-friendly, due to a reduction in CO2-emission and waste.

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